What Are the Best Hair Towels for a Curly Hair?

What Are the Best Hair Towels for a Curly Hair?

Your hair care routine includes oiling, washing, drying, and of course, styling. Among all those steps, drying may arguably be the most neglected part. Most of the time the approach for drying is too casual, to be honest. 

How come? Well, most of the time people dry hair using the same body towel - and that’s quite unacceptable. There’s a reason for using a dedicated hair towel for dying hair, especially the curly ones. 

A regular cotton towel may damage your gorgeous curly hair for good because of the friction it creates. So, what you should do is go through our selection of the best hair towels for curly hair, and pick the right one for yourself. 

Best Curly Hair Towel Reviews

Curly hair does look lovely but requires extra care. If not dried properly, they can give you a tough time in getting that picture perfect hair style. So, if you want to maintain your natural curls, read the reviews about the best curly hair towels and say goodbye to a hairdryer.

Mizu Smart Hair Towel

Women with curly hair have stopped using a cotton towel to dry their hair, courtesy of the Curly Girl CG method. That’s why you need to buy a towel made of lmabari staple cotton, such as the Mizu Smart Hair Towel, that offers comfort, cleanliness, and adequate absorption.

One of the most distinctive qualities of the Mizu towel is its self-cleaning mechanism. It’s essentially an antimicrobial towel made of bamboo cotton and pure natural silver that kills around 99.9 percent of bacteria.

Lucky for you, the Mizu hair towel comes with a bacteria detection technology that notifies you to wash the towel. The solvatochromic dye strips change their color from blue to purple and then red upon detecting any presence of impurities, bacteria, soap residual, or sweat.

This hyper absorbent towel can absorb five times more water than its weight. However, the proprietary technology is responsible for drying the towel three times faster than other hair towels.

Another great news is that the Mizu towel doesn’t fade or lose its softness after numerous washes. Furthermore, the self-cleaning feature automatically reduces the total number of washes.

VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel

If you have long curly hair that takes a lot of time to air dry, we have great news for you. The VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel is a super-absorbent towel to draw up ten times more water than its weight. It means you can reduce the hair drying time to half using the VOLO Hero curly hair towel.

VOLO beauty is a renowned brand, producing premium-quality hair care products since 2016.

Another great feature of this super-soft hair towel is its large size of 39.4 x 23.5 inches dimensions. This size makes this towel perfect for all hair lengths and head sizes.

The VOLO HERO curly hair towel is just like a plush blanket that wraps your hair without breaking them. Moreover, the towel offers an ultra-soft feel because of the microfiber and doesn’t make the hair frizzy or rough.

Lucky for you, the VOLO Hero towel includes a convenient strap that doesn’t let the towel fall from your head. All you need to do is wrap the towel, twist it and tuck the corner in the strap.

The towel doesn’t feel heavy on your head, allowing you to get dressed and do all the other home chores before leaving for work.

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

If you want to buy an affordable curly hair towel, the Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is an apt choice for you. This microfiber hair towel is made of 87 percent polyester and 13 percent polyamide.

This innovative towel features miniature fibers that absorb five to ten times more water than a regular cotton towel. As a result, you can reduce the hair drying time using this microfiber curly hair towel.

The Turbie Twist hair towel features a distinct tapered design that wraps all head sizes. You need to wrap your hair in the cone, twist the towel, and insert the cone’s edge in the elastic band to hold the towel in place.

One of the primary advantages of using a microfiber towel is you don’t have to rub your hair after washing. When wet, your hair is most vulnerable, and rubbing them can damage the strands and make your hair frizzy and rough. That’s why it’s necessary to switch to the Turbie Twist hair towel that perfectly wraps your hair to absorb the water and reduce drying time.

Since you tuck the towel in the rubber strap, the towel stays stable on your head, allowing you to get ready for work simultaneously.

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AQUIS Original Hair Turban

As the name suggests, The AQUIS Original Hair Turban features Aquitex technology to remove the moisture from your hair 50 percent faster than cotton or terry towels.

Moreover, the towel offers a manageable turban design that doesn’t slip from your head. The turban offers convenient anchoring, courtesy of the button closure mechanism.

The microfiber material comprises 80 percent polyester and 20 percent nylon. Besides, the Aquitex material is exclusively woven to form channels that quickly absorb moisture. Hence the AQUIS hair turban offers a soft feel, thus minimizing friction between the wet hair and towel that leads to hair breakage.

It’s essential to follow the instructions for how long to leave the AQUIS hair turban on your hair. For instance, leaving the microfiber for too long on your head will make your curly hair super dry and rough. That’s why you must read the instructions on the package to wrap your head for an optimal time that results in healthier, smoother, and shinier curly hair.

To sum up, the AQUIS hair turban with dimensions of 10 x 29 inches is a perfect choice to dry your short hair.

Luxe Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Luxe Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

If you want to offer a plush and luxurious feel to your wet hair, you should select the Luxe Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap, featuring high-quality microfiber material. Unlike the curly hair towel discussed previously, it’s a large towel to perfectly cover heavy, long, or short, curly or wavy hair.

The Luxe hair towel comprises heavyweight 410 GSM microfiber material that dries your curly hair 50 times faster than a regular towel. In addition, the towel absorbs all the excess moisture from your hair, leaving them damp, ready for styling. Consequently, using this microfiber towel remarkably reduces the blow-dry time.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Luxe hair towel is multi-step pre-processing that gives this towel extra softness and a plush finish.

The rough friction between cotton strands and wet hair follicles can make the hair frizzy. Furthermore, the heat damage done by the hair dryer can permanently distort the hair texture.

However, the plush and soft finish of the Luxe microfiber wrap is gentle on your hair to reduce hair breakage.

The good news is you can wash the Luxe hair wrap in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. However, you should use only mild liquid detergent and not any bleach. Lastly, you shouldn’t wash it with other colorful clothes that may bleed.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t use the machine dryer or spinner to dry this delicate hair towel. Instead, you can simply air-dry the towel under the sun.

Tee-Owels Ideal Cotton T-Shirt Hair Towel

If you want to follow the plopping method to enjoy loose waves and curls, the Tee-Owels Ideal Cotton T-Shirt Hair Towel is the best option for you.

Many women with curly hair have switched to using a T-shirt hair towel instead of a cotton towel to retain their natural curls. It’s because the weight of the water in the hair pulls down the curls, leading to loose or stretched curls.

However, you can plop your hair using the Tee-Owels T-shirt hair towel to make your curls bouncy.

The Tee-Owel T-shirt hair towel works on the principle of pressing the hair to the head for a longer time. This way, it offers more volume, which results in well-defined curls. Additionally, this T-shirt hair towel offers a faster drying time by absorbing the excess water from your hair.

Another benefit of using the Tee-Owels T-shirt hair towel is an added stretch to wrap your head and hold the towel in its place.

First, you need to wrap the T-shirt towel on your head and place the hair in the middle of the towel. Next, twist the towel around your hair and fold the towel towards the back. Lastly, you can tuck the corner inside the towel wrap and get ready for the party to flaunt your natural, bouncy curls.

Desired Body Microfiber Hair Towel

The Desired Body Microfiber Hair Towel is a large curly hair towel featuring dimensions of 45 x 25 inches, perfect for all hair types and lengths. This microfiber towel is made of 85 percent polyester mixed with 15 percent polyamide to offer you optimal water absorption.

The Desired Body towel features a distinct square pattern coupled with a fiber blend to speed up the drying time. Lucky for you, the towel doesn’t create knots or tangles; instead makes your curly hair shiny and healthier, courtesy of the soft and plush finish.

Desired Body has exclusively designed this microfiber hair towel keeping in view the health of your scalp and hair. The antibacterial and hypoallergenic technology minimizes scalp itchiness and tingling sensation.

First, you need to place the towel on your head with a loop around your neck. Next, you can start twisting the towel around your hair. Finally, fold the twisted portion of the towel towards the back, open the loop, and secure the twisted towel portion to hold it in place.

You can keep your head wrapped in the towel for ten to 20 minutes. The timings depend upon your hair type, length, and the desired level of dryness.

Microfiber Hair Towel by Evolatree

The Microfiber Hair Towel by Evolatree features innovative microfiber material designed to reduce split ends, frizz, and breakage. It offers a faster and efficient absorption rate compared to regular towels, resulting in smooth and airy hair volume.

The Evolatree hair towels come in a size of 26 x 10 inches, suitable for all hair lengths and types. Moreover, the towel is exceptionally gentle on your hair, thanks to the ultra-soft feel that doesn’t create any friction.

You can secure the wrap on your head by hooking the button in the loop. To ensure eco-friendliness, the hair towel features a wooden button instead of plastic.

All you need to do is place the towel on your head with the loop on your back. Next, you need to gather all your hair in the middle and start twisting the towel around. Lastly, you can loop the twisted towel to the back and hook the button to secure the towel in place.

You can conveniently wash the Evolatree hair towel in a washing machine using a mild detergent liquid.

The Evolatree towel comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. It means you can claim a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the drying timings and results.

Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

To reduce hair breakage and frizz, you should select the Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for your short curly hair. This ultra-soft hair towel hugs your hair and absorbs all the excess moisture from them, resulting in semi-dry hair. This way, you can significantly reduce the blow dry time to protect your hair from heat damage.

This plush Kitsch hair towel is made of a combination of organic cotton and bamboo, thus making it environmentally friendly. Lucky for you, this microfiber towel is extra gentle on your hair and head and doesn't offer any friction between hair and fibers.

This 20 x 40 inches rectangular curly hair towel can accommodate hair of all lengths and volumes. Besides, this hair towel features a stretchable elastic trim that creates a spacious pocket to hold your hair.

If you buy biodegradable products only, the Kitsch microfiber towel wrap is the right choice for you. Additionally, the towel comes in a reusable waterproof pouch, allowing you to carry the towel while traveling.


It’s certainly a challenge to dry your curly hair, especially when they are long. Furthermore, wrapping an extra-large cotton towel around your head is unmanageable, making it heavy and immovable.

That’s why you need to buy a lightweight and durable curly hair towel to increase absorption and reduce overall drying time.

Furthermore, rubbing your curly wet hair with a cotton towel makes them frizzy and rough. That’s why microfiber or lmabari cotton hair towels are a perfect choice for you to wrap around your head. Hence, they absorb the excess water from your hair while offering a plush soft feel.


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