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What are the Best Baby Organic Towels 2022? - EXPLAINED

If you have a baby, you must be aware of the bath time struggles. While some babies do enjoy this time in the water, others completely deter the thought of bathing. To make things enjoyable for your baby, you can dry them off with a soft and fun towel. 

Doing so adds a fun element to the bathing experience. Moreover, it keeps your baby’s skin soft and delicate and protects it from harsh fibers. Your baby's health must be your top priority, so using gentle towels on your baby's skin keeps microbial growth at bay. 

If you want the ideal towel for your baby, you are at the right place. Keep on reading to find the best organic baby towel.

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Why Do You Need a Baby Towel?

Using a separate towel for your baby has several benefits. Yes, you can opt for a regular towel for your baby, but it would be difficult for you to maintain proper hygiene. That’s because such towels are most probably used by everyone else in your family.

Furthermore, your baby's skin is quite delicate. Especially premature babies who have paper-thin skin cannot tolerate the fiber of a regular towel. So, since their skin is quite different from adults, they should have separate towels too. 

Using a towel specifically designed for a baby's skin can protect them from many diseases and skin rashes. 

Babies have an alkaline skin surface which means they lack the acid mantle that protects our skin from bacteria infestation. Therefore, having a towel designated for your baby can be a massive preventive measure for their health and hygiene.

Lastly, since baby towels have cute, vivid patterns, they will be able to enjoy their bath time a lot more. 

Top 8 Organic Baby Towels in 2022 

To make your hunt for the best towel a lot easier, we have compiled a list of the eight best organic baby towels you can try out in 2022. 

1. MIZU Smart Towel Set

 The biggest challenge that parents face after showering their babies is keeping their bodies warm and protected from bacteria. To make sure your towel is not infected with viruses and bacteria, you need the MIZU Smart Towel Set that prevents 99% of microbial growth. 

These towels come with the MizuTech strips that change color if your towel has any impurities. With these towels, you will not have to worry about wrapping your baby in a dirty towel. 

What’s more, it is made with luxurious bamboo cotton, which is not only soft to touch but gentle for sensitive skin. 

Mizu towel is also lint-free and dries three times faster than a regular towel. So, you don't have to worry about your baby splashing water around as these towels absorb up to five times their weight in water. 

Mizu towels leave your baby's skin dry and soft to touch without disturbing their skin's natural moisture. 

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2. HIP-HOP PANDA Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel 


 If you think your baby looks adorable after a bath, they will look even cuter in this HIP-HOP PANDA Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel. With adorable panda ears and face on the hood, drying your baby after a shower will be more fun. 

It is made up of the latest double layer textile technology to keep your baby warm and dry their body faster than a regular towel. 

Babies catch cold quicker than adults, so it is important to wrap them around in a thick towel. Fortunately, the HIP-HOP PANDA Bamboo Towel is 2x thicker than other towels. 

This organic baby towel is made of a soft bamboo material to match your baby's delicate skin. With its 30" x 30" size, you can easily use it as a wrap for your baby right after a warm bath. 

3. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths

 Babies run out of washcloths like crazy. So, it is important to have a few towels and washcloths at hand, particularly if you have an infant. The Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel with Five Washcloths will have your back when you need a soft new towel for your little one. 

It has a cute fox face embroidered on the hood to double your baby's cuteness. Moreover, it is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester to make a soft blend suitable for your baby's skin. 

The five washcloths that come with this bath towel are ideal for cleaning your baby's face, hands, and feet. 

This towel also has a slight stretch, making it ideal for swaddling your baby right after a bath. With 18 different colors and patterns, you can choose the best set that matches your baby's nursery. 

4. MODERN BABY 3 Pack Hooded Baby Bath Towel Set

If your baby likes variety in their bath routine, you need to try the MODERN BABY 3 Pack Hooded Baby Bath Towel Set. The modern patterns and illustrations on the towel's hood will add more color to your baby's bath time. 

This towel set comes in 27 different colors and designs and is made of ultra-soft fabric. Each towel is 30 x 30, which is big enough for wrapping a baby right after a bath. Additionally, it absorbs the water and keeps your baby's body warm. 

The best part about this towel set is that it retains its softness even after several washes. In addition, since it is quite long-lasting, it will last you through your baby's infant to toddler age. 

5. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

 The Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel is absolutely adorable. The cute elephant face with a sweet tiny tusk will add to your baby's lovely face. 

This towel has a wide hood that covers your baby's head completely to keep them warm after a bath. 

In addition, it is made of 100% woven terry cotton that is soft to touch and quite gentle for sensitive skin. This organic baby towel is ideal for everyday use and can be machine washed without damaging its texture. 

The towel's dimensions are 10 x 10 x 10, which is ideal for covering and drying your baby. Moreover, the ultra-absorbent nature of the towel will make sure your baby doesn't stay wet for long.

With the Hudson Baby Towel, you will definitely make your baby's bath time a lot more fun. 

6. AKK BABY Muslin Bath Towels


Your baby's skin is ultra-soft and requires gentle towels to prevent a rash. These AKK BABY Muslin Bath Towels are ideal for babies with extra sensitive skin. These super gentle and soft towels are made up of size layers of 100% pure cotton fabric. 

Since this towel has no fuzzy bristles, it will attract fewer bacteria and be more gentle on your baby's skin. In addition, this organic baby towel is free from any chemicals or coatings that can irritate your baby's skin. 

All you have to do is machine wash the towel with a gentle detergent to preserve softness. 

These organic baby towels have anti-tear stitching, making them ideal for active toddlers. These towels will not tear easily, no matter what activity your baby is up to. Moreover, they measure 37 X 37 Inches which is a generous size for a baby towel.

7. Lime Bamboo Baby Bath Towels 

 If you need a no-fuss, simple, and adorable bath towel, the Liname Bamboo Baby Bath Towels are what you are looking for. These ultra-soft towels are made up of bamboo material that is gentle and prevents bacterial growth. 

With the cute bunny ears on the towel, your baby will look adorable after a bath. The generous 40 x 28 size of the towel makes it ideal for infants and toddlers. In addition, you can use it to swaddle your baby for warmth right after a bath. 

This organic baby towel is ideal for parents who like to choose eco-friendly options for their kids. You can dry your baby's body quicker than a regular towel and have a high absorbency rate. 

8. ROMANA Hooded Baby Bath Towel


Are you looking for a soft, blanket-like towel for your baby? If so, you need to check out the ROMASA Hooded Baby Bath Towel. It is made of an ultra-soft microfiber fabric that quickly absorbs water, leaving your baby's skin smooth and dry. 

The extra-large 28 inch X 55-inch size will be enough for your baby's growing age. Wash it with a gentle detergent on low heat to preserve the towel's softness. 

With the snap button design, you can quickly wrap the towel around your child to keep them warm and cozy after a bath. The plush animal hood is an adorable bonus! 


Several towel brands in the market specifically target babies' requirements. However, not all claims are true. Therefore, you need to thoroughly research a brand's authenticity while buying skin products for your baby. 

If you want to buy a regular towel, go for something that prevents microbial growth and is handcrafted for ultimate softness, like the MIZU smart towels. They can help keep your baby's gentle skin protected after a fun-filled bath time. 

Remember to stock up on at least two to three towels for babies as they often stain them. Therefore, you need to have a few at hand while the others are in the laundry.

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