Try Super Soft Japanese Bath Towels for Spa and Sauna

Try Super Soft Japanese Bath Towels for Spa and Sauna

Are you looking for luxurious and comfortable towels for your next spa or sauna visit? If so, then the super soft Japanese towels are perfect for you.

That’s because these towels are highly absorbent and soft. They’re also incredibly durable and made from natural materials. The best part is that they're affordable and eco-friendly. 

So let’s explore the several benefits of a super soft Japanese towel in sauna and spa settings. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll also learn about the different types of Japanese towels available, a towel care guide, and a few handy buying tips.

So let’s get started.  

Benefits of Super Soft Japanese Towels in Spa and Sauna Settings

Japanese bath towels from Mizu have undeniable benefits. With their amazing features, these towels are must-have items for any spa or sauna user. Here’s how:


Japanese towels are extremely absorbent, making them ideal for spas and saunas because they'll help you dry off quickly. The great thing about these towels is that they'll hold up to several washes without losing any of their absorbency. Thus, you can use them multiple times without compromising quality. 

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Skin Benefits

Japanese bath towels are also popular for their skin benefits. They are made with high-quality Japanese cotton which offers a smoother touch and makes them less irritating while bathing. They are also hypoallergenic.

Additionally, they have a thicker texture which can work as an exfoliant. So when you scrub your skin with these towels, they remove dead skin cells 

Luxurious Feel 

The best way to pamper yourself is to use a Japanese bamboo towel. Their luxurious feel and superior quality make them ideal for spa and sauna use. That’s because they give you that sense of luxury you deserve after taking the time to relax. Moreover, these towels are incredibly soft and will make your experience as comfortable as possible.


The durability of Japanese spa towels is unparalleled. Unlike other towels, these towels last for a long time without losing their softness, absorbing properties, and lustrous look. 

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This makes them perfect for spa or sauna use since you won’t have to worry about replacing them regularly. Plus, washing instructions are available with most towels so you can take extra special care of your material.

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Types of Super Soft Japanese Bath Towels Available for Spa or Sauna Use 

Japanese bath towels come in various types. Therefore, you can choose a specific towel for your needs. They feature different designs and materials and have varying uses and benefits. 

Let’s find out which towels are most suitable for your spa time:

Tenugui Towel

This traditional Japanese cotton towel is thin and lightweight and can serve as a hand towel, head towel, or decorative wall hanging.

Furoshiki Towel

This large, square Japanese towel is commonly useful for bathers to wrap around their bodies after a bath.

Yukemuri Towel

This type of towel is usually made from cotton and features a loop at one end for hanging. You can use it to dry off after a bath at spas.

Yukata Towel

You can use this traditional Japanese cotton towel to wrap around your body after a bath. It usually contains beautiful and unique patterns. 

Ofuku Towel

Featuring attractive patterns, this thick cotton towel is incredible at drying off after a relaxing bath. 

Care Tips for Japanese Bath Towels

Japanese bath towels are highly durable. However, they require minimal maintenance to serve you for a long time. Here’s how you can care for your bath towel:

Washing Instructions  

Caring for your Japanese towels is easy. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions given and avoid using any harsh detergents. For best results, always hand-wash them or use a cold cycle with mild detergent. Additionally, make sure to air dry your towels after washing as this will help preserve their softness and absorbency.      
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Storage Instructions

The best way to store super soft Japanese towels is to fold them neatly and place them in a drawer or closet. Be sure to keep the areas dry and well-ventilated, as moisture can cause bacteria growth, and avoid placing them in direct sunlight which can be damaging. Moreover, it's important to wash your towels regularly to maintain their absorbency.        

Reusing Tips

Japanese bath towels are reusable and economical. After washing, hang them up to dry before storing, and always make sure to use a cold cycle when laundering. This will help preserve their softness and absorbency for future uses. 

This way, you won't have to worry about replacing them every few months. Moreover, it saves both money and the environment.  

Tips to Buy Japanese Bath Towels Available for Using at a Spa or Sauna  

To buy the best Japanese bath towel, you must follow a few useful tips. These include: 

Check the Material

Make sure you check the materials of the towel to ensure that it is made of high-quality and durable fabric. Look for towels made of cotton, Turkish cotton or rayon, or Tencel blend which are ideal for spa and sauna use due to their softness and absorbency. 

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Read Reviews

If you’re unsure about which Japanese towel to buy, read reviews from previous buyers to get a better idea about their experiences with certain brands or models. This will help you make an informed decision and pick one that best fits your needs. 

Choose Antibacterial Towels

Look for towels with an antibacterial finish. Japanese bath towels are often treated with an antibacterial finish to help keep them hygienic.

Choose a Size

Depending on your size and preference, choose a towel that fits comfortably around your body. This way, it can adequately cover any areas you need to dry off after being in the sauna or spa pool.  

Consider Color

For aesthetics purposes, consider purchasing towels in various colors so they match with other furniture in your bathroom or home spa setting perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Super soft Japanese towels are an exceptional choice for spa and sauna use due to their amazing absorbency, luxurious feel, and superior durability. These towels draw moisture away from your body quickly and comfortably and can help you save both money and the environment by reducing waste. 

Additionally, with proper care, you can use your towels multiple times without losing any of their softness or longevity. So why settle for any other towel when you can have it all with incredible Japanese towels?

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