Traveling when pregnant | Don't forget these 10 essentials items

Traveling when pregnant | Don't forget these 10 essentials items

Whether you’re planning a family trip before your baby arrives or you have to travel for a business meeting, there are some things that you may forget to pack. There is always a long list of things to stuff into your suitcase for traveling, and maternity clothes aren’t the only thing you need for pregnancy traveling.

In case of an emergency during your babymoon, you’ll need a lot more than some regular clothes and medicines. So, here are a few essential items that you shouldn’t forget to pack!

1. Medical Documents and Necessities

The most important things that you should pack for pregnancy traveling are your medical necessities. This includes anti-nausea products, other prescriptions, and vitamins. 

Anti-nausea Products

Anti-nausea products may include wristbands that help you recover from morning sickness and reduce nausea. If you’re traveling by road, you are more likely to have motion sickness. Such products help you recover better. 

In addition to that, anti-nausea pills and wristbands are suitable for traveling by air too. You can keep them with you in your hand carry. Besides that, ginger chews are also known to help with nausea.


If your doctor prescribed any medications, you shouldn’t forget to keep the prescription with you. For example, if you’re traveling for an extended period, you should ask your doctor to prescribe some medicines for constipation, motion sickness, or nausea because they may come in handy.

Besides that, always keep with you the prescription for prenatal vitamins so that you can buy them from anywhere.

Vitamins and Tablets

Do not forget to pack all your medicines, including vitamins and tablets because there are chances they may not be available everywhere. Although most prenatal vitamins and heartburn tablets are available as over-the-counter medicines in most parts of the world, you may not want to risk running out of them.

So you must pack your vitamins and supplements for pregnancy traveling.

A Letter From Your Doctor

If you choose to travel by air, you may need a letter from your doctor. It’s always better to carry documents with you before you leave your house for the airport.

If you’re traveling after 26 weeks of pregnancy, most airlines will require this letter. The letter should mention your due date and a confirmation that you’re healthy to fly. It should also state that the pregnancy has no complications.

2. Maternity Pregnancy Pillow 

When you’re pregnant, it is already challenging to fall asleep in the comfort of your own home, so imagine falling asleep on unfamiliar beds during your trip. Besides that, when you travel by airplane, the seats might make you uncomfortable.

So if you have a long flight or a week-long stay, make sure to pack a pregnancy pillow as it is ideal for pregnancy discomfort.

You can buy a pillow for lumbar support or one that supports your neck, as per your preference. Just make sure that the pillow is compact and portable for travel. You can also go for moldable pillows as you can fatten them.

3. Wheeled Luggage

Carrying bags is not going to be a suitable option for pregnancy traveling. So what luggage would work best? While suitcases with two wheels are primarily available, you should still go for the one with four wheels.

Since you will be carrying many things in your suitcase, you need to make sure that rolling it around isn’t a strenuous task for you. Therefore we suggest that you use four-wheeled luggage as it is easier to roll around and you wouldn’t get tired by moving it so much.

Besides the suitcase, you can keep a handbag. Try to keep a spacious and light-weight bag to keep all your essentials such as your medicines and documents, so they are accessible at all times.

4. Snacks

If you’re hitting the road, you must keep plenty of snacks and take healthy meals for your trip. You can keep portable snacks that fulfill your cravings and are suitable for your health.

You’ll have to avoid processed foods and foods that are high in sodium. Sodium causes water retention and could cause discomfort when you travel. If you’re boarding a plane, make sure that you avoid sodium at all costs because the high altitude causes water retention, and sodium only makes it worse.

Some good snacking options are apples, homemade muffins, multigrain snacks, or high-protein bars. In addition to this, you can keep granola bars and dried nuts such as apricots.

You don't have to be ashamed of eating on your flight, and you mustn’t wait until you’re starved. While most airlines promise to serve you with enticing food choices, pregnancy may cause an aversion to food odors. If you develop a strong sense of smell, you should prepare your meals beforehand and keep them in a hand-carry.

If you do not want to carry prepared meals, try to contact the airlines and make special requests for food. But if you’re traveling by road, it’s best to keep home-cooked meals. 

5. Water Bottle

Pregnancy traveling tends to take a toll on women, so it is essential to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Whether you have booked a flight or you’re traveling by car, a bottle of water should never leave your side. 

If you have consumed sodium, chances are you’re more likely to get dehydrated. But even with a low-sodium intake, it is vital to drink sufficient water. You may think that you’ll be able to buy a water bottle at any stop, but you should carry your water bottle with you in case of emergencies. 

6. Wet Wipes and Sanitizer

Wet wipes and sanitizers are essential items that you should pack because you may not have the chance to wash your hands frequently. In addition, you need to steer clear of germs and avoid getting sick because sickness during pregnancy will cause more discomfort.

With the coronavirus pandemic, it is even more critical to keep sanitizers with you at all times. So, make sure to keep a sanitizer bottle in your hand-carry or backpack and use it frequently.

Besides that, the wet wipes help you wipe your hands after having food. 

7. Personal Towel 

While most hotels and restrooms offer you a towel, you must carry a personal towel during your trip. If you have booked a room in a luxurious hotel and get a guaranteed clean towel, we still recommend having a clean one by your side. 

Your towel will help you freshen up during road trips, flights, or casual bathroom breaks. However, if you want to select the best travel towel, there are some factors that you should consider.

  • Your travel towel should be lightweight so that you can easily carry it in your handbag. 

  • The towel should be soft and absorbent. You don’t want towels that create friction and give you rashes during a trip. 

  • As you’re making sure that you stay away from germs and avoid getting sick, it’s best to buy the Mizu Smart Bath Towel

Mizu towel is made from hand-harvested Xinjiang cotton and contains silver-coated fibers. Due to the silver present in the threads, this towel can fight bacteria.

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This towel is also efficient at absorbing moisture and offers an excellent quick-drying capacity; thus, it may be the best travel towel you’ll find. But, of course, when you’re on a trip, you pack enough clothes so you can live without having to do laundry.

But that means that you may have to use a dirty towel all through the trip. With Mizu, this will not be a problem because it has color-changing strips that can detect impurities, so you’d know when to wash it or keep it away.

8. Compression Socks

Pregnant women are at a higher risk for blood clots and foot swelling. In addition, you may notice that your legs feel heavy and tired. Aching legs and blood clots are a result of venous insufficiency during pregnancy.

So if you are about to fly long distances and you may be away from home for a long time, it’s best to buy compression stockings or socks. Compression socks help to massage the muscles of the feet. As a result, blood is forced to move upwards towards the rest of the body. 

Since your circulation isn’t perfect during pregnancy, you must try to walk the aisles during your flight. You could also do a few stretches in your seat. If you travel by road, sitting in the same spot will worsen your circulation, but you can’t walk the aisles, so what should you do?

This is where compression socks help. You can wear these socks when you’re traveling for more extended periods. They will improve blood circulation. In addition to that, they’ll make your legs feel more rested throughout the trip.

So don’t forget to keep this essential item in your suitcase!

9. Oversized Clothes

You may want to glam up for the trip but do not forget to keep a couple of oversized clothes. It is crucial to keep loose clothes during pregnancy traveling because your belly is constantly growing. So, avoid packing fit, body-hugging garments.

During the trip, make sure to put on oversized clothes as you’d want to do everything to maximize your comfort. You can also keep clothes that can do double duty so you can pair them up with anything. This way, you’ll carry fewer clothes and have more space to take other things. 

Moreover, some days you will be more bloated and have significant discomfort, so keeping some maternity clothes always comes in handy. Before you leave for your trip, you’d also want to try the clothes you pack, so you know that they fit right.

Ensure that the material of all your clothes is comfortable and weather friendly as you wouldn’t want to pack anything that adds to your discomfort. Also, if you’re traveling to a hotter place, it’s crucial to keep breathable clothes.

Besides all that, you can keep a pair of maternity leggings and soft shirts that are comfortable and stretchy. In addition to that, throw in a couple of yoga pants in your suitcase. Finally, if you’re going to a beach spot, don't forget to keep long dresses or maxis. 

You should avoid packing denim or anything with button closure as they can get a tad bit irritating. This includes jeans and jackets with zippers. We hope that these outfit ideas help you pack relaxing clothes for your trip and choose the right outfits for the travel. 

10. Comfortable Shoes and Slippers

If you wish to take along fancy boots or anything with high heels, it will not be a good idea for your babymoon. Your feet hurt more than usual during pregnancy, and you may get sprained ankles or swollen legs. So it would help if you didn't keep footwear that is likely to harm your feet more. 

Now is the time to grab the perfect slippers with thick, comfortable soles. They are suitable for your flight and a road trip. For your destination, it is safe to pack slippers with fleece memory foam. They are not only cozy but also lightweight.

For shoes, we would suggest that you get joggers or trainers with cushioned soles. The cushioning inserted into the midsole makes shoes extraordinarily lightweight, and you can walk a couple of miles without your feet hurting.

You can also buy shoes and sandals with adjustable straps and elastic as you’d need to adjust them according to your comfort frequently. Try your best to keep flat soles and pair them up with any of your outfits. 


These ten items will help you relax and provide you with additional comfort during your pregnancy travel. So take a look into your suitcase and throw in the missing essential items before you leave your house for your trip!

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