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Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Pure Silver Cotton Towel

We often find it difficult to understand how amazing it is to have bath and hand towels that are soft and absorbent until we take a shower, and we reach out to a towel that is rough and thin. But do you know the right towel can help you avoid such a situation?

Pure silver cotton towel such as self-cleaning Mizu Towels are soft absorbent bath towels that will help dry you off. Also, it will help your skin retain its natural moisture, protect it, and nurture your body.

Read on to find out more about these luxury cotton bath towels.

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1- Pure Silver Cotton Towels Are Quick to Dry and Hyper Absorbent

Pure Silver Towel

Basically, why do you need a towel?

It is to dry your skin when you are wet, be it after taking a shower or when you sweat. So, of what use is a towel that hardly absorbs water or gets rid of water from your body?

There are lots of towels in the market that claims to have high absorbency but never lived up to expectations. The pure silver cotton towels, however, are high-quality hand towels and best quality bathroom towels that are super absorbent.

What makes the pure silver cotton towel the best water absorbing towels? 

Hand and bath towels made of pure silver cotton have longer and denser loops of thread that trap warmth and absorb a lot of moisture. Also, the luxury cotton bath towels absorb water faster than regular towels and other best quality bathroom towels.

This hyper-absorbent towel can hold five times its weight in water. Additionally, it comes with the perfect combination of lightness and thickness. Remember that thicker towels are usually more absorbent.

Pure silver cotton towels have longer and denser loops of thread that trap warmth and absorb a lot of moisture. Its perfect combination of lightness and thickness makes your towel more absorbent.

Furthermore, the quick-drying characteristics of pure silver cotton towels are second to none. The luxury soft towels can dry water off your skin, and be ready to use again within a few hours. This is why most travelers place towels constructed with pure silver cotton at the top of their list. Whether you are headed to a beach or to other locations where you will need to dry your bath towels quickly, these towels are fast drying travel towels that can meet your needs perfectly.

Why are towels made of pure silver cotton quickest to dry?

The bath and hand towels are woven, especially to maximize exposure to open air. This makes air to pass through the fibers of the towel easily. The proprietary technology makes the pure silver cotton towels dry three times faster than conventional towels making them the best quick-dry cotton towels you can find in the market. Their lightness also contributes to fast-drying characteristics


2- They Can Be Smart Bath Towels That Prevents 99% of Bacterial Growth

pure silver cotton towel

When your towel is dirty, it can carry a lot of microbes, which are known to spread infectious diseases. Bath and hand towels are such a great trap for bacteria because you can transfer germs such as your natural skin bacteria onto their surface every time you use them. Even some of the best quality bathroom towels are not exempted.

Why do bacteria grow on towels?

Some high-quality hand towels, best quality bathroom towels, and other conventional towels offer the perfect environment for microorganisms such as bacteria to grow because they are often absorbent, damp, and warm. Also, towels can be a breeding place for bacteria because you hang them in dark bathrooms most times.

Basically, the bathroom is one of the most threatening places for hand and bath towels to spend most of their time because you can transfer microbes to them from whatever your hand touches.

According to a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba, in one of his studies, he found that up to 14 percent of bathroom towels were contaminated from E. coli. Also, he found that nearly 90 percent of the towels carried coliform bacteria.

Areas where you hang your towel like bathroom are humid and warm, which can be a breeding place for bacteria

Even though experts say you can’t keep your towels 100 percent germ-free, which is almost true, pure silver cotton towels are slightly an exception. How?

Luxury soft towels made of pure silver cotton are built with a state of art technology that helps to prevent and reduce the growth of bacteria by 99 percent. In fact, they even kill bacteria. This is why they are known to be the best bacteria-fighting towels in the world.

How do pure silver cotton towels kill bacteria?

The ultra-soft fibers of these bath and hand towels are coated with pure and natural silver. This silver is known to kill germs by oxidizing to release silver ions, which are lethal to bacteria. Silver nanoparticles occur naturally and are more powerful because the number of ions released increases as a result of their large surface area, which is relative to their mass.

This gives the Japanese cotton bath towels like Mizu towels coated with pure and natural silver the power to eliminate 99% of bacteria growth.

3- Silver Cotton Towels are Impurity-sensing and Self-cleaning

 Cotton Bath Towel

When you use the traditional hand and bath towels, it is almost impossible to know when it comes in contact with impurities such as fat, sweat, soap residuals, and more. The only way you may know is if you are using a white towel or other bright colors that will show signs of dirt.

If you use luxury cotton bath towels that get loaded with impurities from your skin after taking a shower, it can take a toll on your health. Skin health issues such as fine lines, breakouts, dehydration, irritation, sensitivity, irregular skin pigmentation, premature wrinkling, and more can occur.

But the case is different with pure silver cotton towels. They let you know when they come in contact with impurities such as oil, bacteria, germs, sweat, fat, and residual soap. This is a standout feature that is designed to keep you and your loved ones safe from skin health issues and other related health problems that can result from contaminants.

How will pure silver cotton towels tell you they have come in contact with impurities?

The towels have the power of proprietary color-changing dyes. When pure silver cotton bath and hand towels come in contact with impurities, the sensing areas will change color to show contamination. Additionally, this color will indicate when the towel is clean, when it’s almost time for it to be washed, and also when it needs to be washed.

Nowadays you can easily find smart towels like Mizu that change colors to show contamination!

With the self-cleaning and impurity-sensing technology, you will be having a good impact on your body and health by making use of these hand and bath towels over other luxury cotton bath towels.

4 - Choose Towels That Are Lint Free

Some years back, I bought some new blue towels and just after some months of buying them, my bathroom and everything in it was covered in blue fuzz. Not only that, each time I have a shower, and I used the towel to clean my body, I will start picking lint, and it was like a never-ending task. I know most of us might have gone through the same thing. It can be quite annoying and frustrating!

Many users and experts believe that it is normal for new towels to leave lint on the skin after a shower, and it stops over time with multiple washing. The truth is that bath towels made from lower-quality fibers are more likely to leave a lot of lint on your body. However, high-quality bathroom towels and best quality hand towels constructed with pure silver cotton are lint-free.

What makes the pure silver cotton towels the best lint free bath towels?

Best water-absorbing towels constructed with pure silver cotton have the lowest chance of leaving lint because their fibers are very long, and the threads are combed before the cotton is spun. Shorter fibers, which can cause lint and pill, are removed when the threads are combed.

5- Pure Silver Cotton Towels Are Incredibly Soft and Maximally Durable

Pure silver cotton towels are known to be the softest most absorbent bath towels. Why?

If you have ever used a scratchy and stiff towel, you will know how uncomfortable bath towels that are not soft can be. Unlike other bathroom towels, pure silver cotton towels are fluffy and maintain their fiber strength for long. As you use them, they get fluffier and softer, and this makes the towel feel more luxurious with age.

Their royal softness makes royalty and celebrities from different parts of the world travel to Japan to get the fabric. The very long and thick thread loops of the pure silver cotton towels are what provide them with the softness that a lot of people adore.

Furthermore, the maximum durability of luxury soft towels made from pure silver cotton is second to none. Unlike conventional bath towels that only last a few months, pure silver cotton bath towels can last for many months.

What makes towels made of pure silver cotton highly durable?

They are durable because of the twisted yarn weave they feature. The twisted yarn gives the fabrics extra strength and particularly makes the pure silver cotton towels strong. These towels bring you the quality, strength, and durability that is hard to find in other luxury cotton bath towels.

So far, we have been able to discuss the top 5 things about pure silver cotton towels. However, there are additional information about these high-quality bathroom towels and best quality hand towels.

Additional Information on Pure Silver Cotton Towels

  • Water used in its construction – the quality of water used in the construction of bath and hand towels are critical when manufacturing a towel. Most of the rough and less absorbing towels you can find on the market have hard water as one of their crafting ingredients. But pure silver cotton towels such as the self-cleaning Mizu towels are crafted using soft water as one of their ingredients.
  • Upgraded sizing - many of the traditional towels and even luxury cotton bath towels are sometimes uncomfortable to wear because of their small size, which is typically measured at 38-inches by 20-inches.

Also, pure silver cotton towels are constructed through a traditional and non-mechanized technique. This artisanal Japanese crafting technique contributes greatly to the strength of their fibers and the towels in general.

Conclusion and Advice

    Shopping for the best quality bathroom towels and high-quality bathroom towels can be a touchy process. No doubt, we all want a towel that will meet our needs by providing us with great absorbency, maximum durability, excellent softness, quick-dry, and maybe other smart features.

    This handy guide shows why the pure silver cotton towels can fill the gap other luxury cotton bath towels, and conventional towels have created. When you know the best place to buy towels, choosing the best pure silver cotton towels will go as smoothly as possible.

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