Tips To Buy Best Quality Bathroom Towels

Tips To Buy Best Quality Bathroom Towels

Go to any store selling bath and hand towels; you will see an endless option of towels with different price tags and quality. The fact that all towels are not the same makes it hard for consumers to pick the best bathroom towels that will meet their needs. To make the buying process easier for you, here are some tips to buy the best quality bathroom towels. Read on!


Understand What Makes a Towel the Best Quality Towel

Hitting the store without knowing what makes a towel a good one carries the highest risk of buying a low quality or fake towel. Some factors make up the best quality bathroom towels, and they are:

  • Absorbency – what is the purpose of buying a bath towel? Is it not to remove water from your body and also from the surface of objects to keep them dry? Best quality bathroom towels are towels that have high water absorbency and can hold enough water. Thicker and heavier towels are often the best water absorbing towels than the lighter and thinner ones. Not only that, the surface area, construction, and the type of fiber your bath and hand towels are made of also determine the absorbency of the towel.

  • Softness – a high-quality towel will not feel hard and be harsh on your skin or scratch the surface of an object when they are used to clean up. Best quality bathroom towels are the softest most absorbent bath towels. They are luxury soft towels that are gentle on the skin and won’t cause a scratch on an object’s surface. When you want to buy a bath towel in a store, don’t be deceived by the softer feel of a towel. Some of the towels wear off after a few washes because the manufacturers just coat them with fabric softening finish. So, when buying bath towels, consider the construction material, the hand and bath towels are constructed with to determine the softness of the towel.

  • Durability – generally, we all believe that inferior or low-quality products don’t always stand the test of time. This mean bath towels with low quality will not last a long time. As for the best quality bathroom towels, you will be able to use them for a long time no matter what you put them through. Just like absorbency and softness, the durability of the bath and hand towels is determined by the content of the towel’s fabric.

  • Quick dry – bath and hand towels that dry quickly are highly resistant to odors and mildew. So if you are looking for the best quality bathroom towels, they should be quick-drying towels that that will be ready to use again within a few hours. Lightweight towels often dry faster and can be the best choice. This does not mean you should go for thin or light towels and forfeit absorbency and durability. There is a way around this, and you will get to know about it later in this article.

  • Color-fastness – the best quality bathroom towels should be able to resist fading and maintain its color after using and washing them and also following exposure to sunlight. When washing the best softest bath towels and high-quality hand towels, there shouldn’t be a color change in the water.

From the first tip, you should have known that the best quality bathroom towels will have high absorbency, excellent softness, great durability to serve you for long, and should be able to quick-dry. However, the primary factor that determines all these is the fiber it is constructed of.

Check the Fiber the Towel Is Made With

Bath and hand towels are made with different materials, including cotton, bamboo, microfiber, rayon, and more. Out of all these materials, cotton is the most commonly used in the manufacturing of luxury soft towels. The best quality bathroom towels are made with cotton because the material is the most absorbent and softest. This does not mean that other materials can’t work for you, but most of them have some drawbacks that cotton covers. For example, microfiber towels are known to be much thinner, have four times surface area than a standard towel, dry faster, and absorb more water. But they are not as soft as cotton. However, cotton towels are enriched will all these characteristics. Take note that luxury cotton bath towels also vary in their durability, absorbency, and softness.

Out of all the cotton types available, Egyptian, Pima, and Japanese cotton are your best bet. They are less prone to fuzzies. And their yarn is silky and smooth. The Japanese cotton bath towels are known to be the top best quality bathroom towels. Do you know why? They are lint free bath towels, best water absorbing towels, best softest bath towels, and quick dry cotton bath towels. Also, unlike other bath and hand towels, luxury soft towels made with Japanese cotton are neither too heavy nor thin or light, but they maintain a balance and offer lightweight that encourages fast drying. Best quality bathroom towels made with Japanese cotton can be your top best bet.

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Here is quick info about some of the materials:

  • Egyptian cotton - makes luxurious soft towels and has long fibers that pull water off your body. As you wash them, they get fluffier, more absorbent, and softer. One known drawback is that best quality bathroom towels made with this cotton type are expensive.

  • Polyester – bath and hand towels made with polyester dries fast, but they are not soft or absorbent.

  • Bamboo – luxury soft towels made with bamboo dry quickly and are super absorbent. However, you will be disappointed if you crave a thick fabric because the bamboo bath and hand towels are thin.

  • Japanese cotton – the bath and hand towels made with Japanese cotton offer maximum durability and dry three times faster than an average towel. Also, they are hyper-absorbent, lint-free, hold water many times their weight, softest, and are affordable. A perfect example of the best quality bathroom towels made with Japanese towel is the Mizu Towel.

Check the Construction of the Bath and Hand Towels

There are different methods involved in the construction of bath towels. The methods contribute to the quality improvement of a bath towel. Take note that the lingo of a towel can be very tricky. However, a quick look at the different methods of construction can be helpful.

  • Combed cotton – towels with this method of construction have the cotton brushed or combed to remove debris, fibers, and threads that are short, leaving the longest and strongest fibers or threads. This makes the fabric more durable and softer.

  • Ring spun cotton – this bath towel construction method involves twisting short and long fibers together tightly to make finer, smoother yarn. The loops of best quality bathroom towels with this method of construction are smooth and strong

  • Terry cloth – hand and bath towels with this construction method are woven with extra yarn and have larger thread loops. The extra yarn makes the best quality bathroom towels very absorbent.

  • Twist ­– this includes the twisting of the loop. If the twisting of the loop is low or it has no twisting, the surface area can increase, making the luxury cotton bath towels more absorbent and plusher. But if the loop features a high twist, the bath and hand towels will be durable.

Additionally, some other manufacturing processes help to increase absorbency and softness. They include aerocotton, microcotton, hydrocotton, and more. Don’t confuse them with the cotton types; they are the brand name of manufacturing processes. Also, when you are checking the construction, look for the softest most absorbent bath towels with double-turned edges and double stitches. This type of luxury soft towels is extra tough and can be washed in washing machines and dryers. Looking for this production highlights can help you pick the quality bathroom towels for you.

Know the Features You Want Your Bath and Hand Towel to Come With

When it comes to buying the best quality bathroom towels, preferences can differ from one person to another. So, knowing what you want in the best soft bath towels and high-quality hand towels can help you pick the best quality bathroom towels that work for you. Here are some tips that help you know what you want in luxury soft towels.

  • What size works for you? – The size of the best water absorbing towels that will meet your needs depends on your stature. If you are buying the best quality bathroom towels for you kids, then you should know that small to medium size will work for them (consider their age). A 5-years old kid will obviously require a smaller towel than 14-years old kid, and an adult will require a bigger luxury cotton bath towel.

  • The color of bath towel you want – Do you want the bath and hand towels to blend in or draw attention? If you are after drawing attention best quality bathroom towels with neutral-color will be a perfect option as it will let other elements in your bathroom get attention. Also, a solid-colored bathroom can be made interesting by buying patterned luxury soft towels, and you can make the bathroom unique by going for bath towels that are boldly colored. These are just suggestions from our end. You know what color works for you, so go for it in as much as you have met all other requirements that make up the best quality bathroom towels.

  • What design do you want? – There are different towels with different designs, including patterns and embroideries. No laid-down rule justifies a certain design as the best a high quality bath towel can have. It all boils down to what you want. You can consider your space to determine the best quality bathroom towels design that will perfect for you.

  • Look for the perfect weight – the richness of the material and density of the fiber is basically influenced by the weight of the best quality bathroom towels. Lightweight towels are perfect for the gym and the kitchen, medium weight towel are ideal for bath and beach towels, but heavy towels are for those who want a real luxurious feel in the bathroom. Check for the grams per square meter. Around 400 GSM means lightweight, about 600 GSM means medium weight, and around 900 GSM means heavyweight.

  • Consider technology or other advanced features – best quality bathroom towels may include some advanced features as seen in some towel brands. If you are a techy individual, you can go for smart bath towel such as the self-cleaning Mizu towels that are also known as bacterial detecting towels. It means this type of best water absorbing towels can help you detect impurities. So, whether you are a techy or health conscious person, you won’t go wrong choosing the towels with such technology and advanced features. 

    Additional Tips for Avoiding Softness Scams and Finding High-Quality Bath and Hand Towels

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    • Inspect the stitch of the luxury cotton bath towels’ loops and make sure they are thick and tightly packed. Ensure you don’t see the base of the towel. If you do, that is not the best quality bathroom towels you are looking for. Denser loops mean more absorbent while less dense loops mean less absorbent.

    • Look for best softest bath towels that have double-tuned edges with double stitching. It offers your towel a thirsty, long life because such edges reduce fraying, and they are a key to durability.

    • Look for bath and hand towels with that has 100% cotton written on the tag. Don’t be deceived! The inferior and best quality bathroom towels can have this written on their tags. It is better to have prior knowledge of what high-quality cotton look like and also consider other factors discussed so far in this article. It will help you differentiate between best quality luxury cotton bath towels and the low-quality ones.

    • If you are in the store, pick the towel from the shelf and hold it to know how it feels. The best quality bathroom towels may look lightweight but should have a heavier feel. But if you are buying online, ensure you read reviews to know what people are saying about the luxury soft towels feel and general features.

      Final Best Quality Bathroom Towel Shopping Advise

      Looking for and finding the best quality bathroom towels will be easier if you understand what makes a towel a high-quality towel and know what you want. Ensure all that all the quality features mentioned above comes with the bath and hand towels, and you won’t be disappointed. Shop around, don’t judge a towel with its in-store softness, decide how much you want to pay, and look for the best deals. Finally, we will advise that you look for the best place to buy bath towels online. Remember, you won’t have to step out all you need to do is to make the purchase from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to you.

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