The Truth About How Often Your Towel Should Be Washed

The Truth About How Often Your Towel Should Be Washed

Do you really know how often your towels need to we washed? – Who knows!

Indeed, this is a pretty hard question as there are many things to take into consideration, like your lifestyle for example. If only someone had invented a smart towel that tells us when it needs to be washed…

Well, you’re in luck today, not only because self-cleaning towels exist, but because we’ll tell you exactly when and how to clean your luxury soft towel:


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Why Your Towels Need A Proper Wash?

When you step out of the shower and dry yourself with your towel, two things will probably happen:

Firstly, your towel will be moist, and secondly, no matter how clean you are, you will still transfer skin bacteria to your bath towel. Remember that our body is full of bacteria, both bad and good. If you happen to carry the pathogenic bacteria, which about 10% of healthy people do, it can cause infection. The dirty, porous, and damp towel is a perfect environment for the bacteria to breed.

Dirty towels can breed millions of bacteria, including mold, E.coli, and more. This can result in a funky smelling towel, skin infections, and other harmful diseases. Cleaning the bath and hand towel is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and keep you healthy.

Day after day, the bacteria will multiply. Mold, E. coli, and yeast will start growing on your bath towel without you knowing. As you continue to use the luxury cotton bath towel without cleaning it, the bacteria will keep multiplying. Now imagine what will happen if you continue to clean your body with a bath towel that inhabits millions of bacteria. It will result in skin infections such as acne, eczema, and more. If you happen to have a cut or cracked dry, skin, and the infection go beyond your skin into your blood, you will find yourself in the hospital. This is not to scare you but to let you know why you should keep your towel clean always. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Towel?

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When it comes to deciding on the right time and how often you should wash and clean your luxury soft towels, there are some factors you need to consider:

According to Consumer Reports, under normal circumstances, you can use a hand and bath towel three or four times before you wash and clean them. What do you notice? “Four times” and not “four days.”

This rule may be difficult to follow, especially if you are busy with other tasks and always rushing out in the morning and coming back home late at night. But the truth is that if you can follow this rule, you stand the greater chance of getting rid of bacteria and bad smell, and staying safe and healthy.

The variables that can help you know how often you should wash your towels

  • The number of people using the bath towel – if you have a lot of people using a towel in the house it is advisable that you follow the above rule. Wash the towel on the third or fourth use
  • Your health condition – the condition of the person using the luxury soft towel matters. If you are sick, it is advisable that you wash your towel after every use. To prevent the potential spread of germs, it is best for everyone in the house to have their own bath towel. 
  • How you dry your towel after usage – if you dry your towel in a ventilated area or where they dry faster and easily after use, washing it once every week should keep them fresh.
  • Where you live – if you live where mildew thrives such as a damp climate area, you should wash your hand and bath towel every three or four days.

    The type of towel you use – believe it or not, how often your towel should be washed depends on the type of towel you use too. An average towel may require wash after three or four uses, but some towels take more time before they require a wash. self-cleaning Mizu towels are a perfect example. They are the best quality bath and hand towels that can kill bacteria, quick-dry, detect contaminants, and also tell you when they are due for a wash. Self-cleaning Mizu Towels are one of the best you can go for as they are easy to maintain and may not require a frequent wash. Washing them once in a week or so should do. 

    Take note, no matter the factor, the best technique to keep your towel clean and safe for you to use is to wash the towels at least once every week! 

    What Is The Right Technique For Washing Your Towels?

    There are three techniques you can use to wash your bath and hand towels. One is to use a washing machine, and the second technique is to wash your luxury cotton bath towels by hand.

    Technique one – use the washing machine

    • Separate your towel from other clothing and wash them separately
    • Wash the hand and bath towels in separate dark and light mode. The white towel should be washed in dark mode while colored towels should be washed in light mode
    • Wash your towels with half of the amount of detergent recommended and also pour half to one cup of white vinegar. ( Vinegar should be used just for the first three times you wash your bath towel)
    • Use warm water to wash dark –colored towels, cold water to wash light-colored towels, and hot water to wash white towels
    • Use non-chlorine or color-safe bleach to sanitize the towels after third or fourth load
    • Remove the luxury soft towels from the wash when it is clean and slightly shake them
    • Dry the towels immediately after washing and store when dry

    Technique two – Use an ultrasonic clothes washer

    Using an ultrasonic clothes washer like Sonic Soak is so far the easiest to do and most effective technique. Unlike regular laundry machines, the Sonic Soak cleans at a microscopic level and cleans deeper than anything else. The portable washing machine gives a gentle wash and can kill about 99.9 percent of bacteria on your towel.

    • Fill a bowl or sink with water
    • Plug the Sonic Soak and put it inside the sink or bowl
    • Put your towel in the water, and add an ultrasonic cleaning solution or other solution for a more effective result (Optional)
    • Switch the portable ultrasonic cleaning machine on
    • Allow the cycle to complete, remove the towel, rinse, dry immediately, and store when dry.

    Technique two – wash the towels by hand

    • Separate the towels from other clothing and spread them out in a clean bucket, bathtub or sink
    • Pour a little detergent in the container and fill it with water
    • Add borax to make the detergent do its work easily
    • Soak the towel for some minutes depending on the size of the bath towels and dirt 
    • Agitate the luxury cotton bath towels by pressing and moving them around. You can use a manual agitator to make the wash easier.
    • Squeeze the towel to expel the excess water
    • Put the towel inside another container with fresh, clean water and allow it to soak for about five minutes
    • Agitate the towel, rinse, wring, and soak the towel repeatedly until they are clean
    • Wring the towel thoroughly to remove as much water as possible
    • Hang the towel to make it dry and ready for use again

    How to Dry Your Towel after Wash or Use?

    quick dry cotton bath towels

    Even if you own quick-drying bath towels such as Mizu Towel, you need to dry your towel after every use or wash to prevent bacteria, germs, and other contaminants from growing and multiplying. Some simple ways to dry your luxury soft towels are:

    • Hang the towel up immediately after use or wash to dry in an area with good ventilation
    • Don’t hand or spread one towel on another towel. Expose each bath and hand towel to the air fully for proper and even drying
    • Set your dryer according to the material the towels are constructed of. You can dry most of the towels made of cotton at high heat, and other fragile material with a cool setting
    • Avoid putting the luxury soft towels in the dryer longer than needed
    • You can use a dryer sheet to dry fluffier and softer towels
    • You may iron linen towels but don’t iron cotton towels or other fluffy towels

    Take note that your high-quality hand towels and best-quality bathroom towels should be completely dry before you store them.

    Common Laundering Mistakes Ruining Your Bath Towels 

       1. The use of fabric softener

      Effect – using fabric softener to wash your high-quality bathroom towels can cause waxy buildup and also reduce the absorbency power of the towels.

      Solution – don’t use any fabric softener. Alternatively, if you want to fluff your towels, use dryer balls. If you have added softener accidentally, rewash with a ½ cup of white vinegar or baking soda.

      2. Using excess detergent

      Effect – adding excessive detergent can make the fibers of your towels stiff. This can make your skin uncomfortable

      Solution – add half the amount of detergent you will use normally. Also, you can use vinegar and skip detergent every couple of washes. However, if your luxury cotton towels are soiled and would need extra detergent, it is required that you change your washer settings to an extra-long rinse cycle.

      3. Using water that is too hot

      Effect – It makes colored bath and hand towels to get scratchy and also fade. Solution – Use cold water to wash colored towels. Alternatively, go for a towel like the Mizu Towel that can withstand any water temperature.

      4. Over drying and under drying

      Effect – your luxury soft towels can breed bacteria and grow mildew if they are not dried enough. If you over-dry them, you can destroy the fibers of your hand and bath towels.

      Solution – Buy quick-dry cotton bath towels such as the self-cleaning Mizu Towels. Also, follow the care instructions on your towel when washing and drying. Additionally, spread and hand the towels where it can air-dry effectively.


      By now, you should have excellent knowledge about why you need to wash your bath towels, the benefits, how often you should wash them!

      Select a towel that matches your style and follow the care instructions in this article when washing and drying the hand and bath towels. Buying the top, high-quality bath and hand towels and giving them the proper care can make them last for ten years and also keep your skin healthy, safe, and glowing.

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