Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Antibacterial Bed Sheets In This Festival Season Sale

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Antibacterial Bed Sheets In This Festival Season Sale

Bedsheets are essential household items, and with festival season around the corner, you can easily find a great discount deal on premium sheets.

As a customer-favorite brand of high-quality sheets and towels, this article enlists various benefits of antibacterial bed sheets. Additionally, we also recommend some of the best antibacterial bed sheets you can find on sale.

Antibacterial Bed Sheets And Why You Need Them

Antibacterial bed sheets are made of antimicrobial material like silver or have an antimicrobial solution sprayed into the fabric. Bed sheets, and especially pillowcases, are a medium for exposure to several bacterial infections. 

For example, research shows that Staph aureus, a microbe that causes several skin and soft tissue infections, pneumonia, and joint pain, finds dirty bedding and clothes a favorable breeding ground. 

Similarly, actinomycetes, a bacteria responsible for abscesses formation, GIT dysfunction, persistent fever, and pain, is also found in abundance in bed sheets.

Here’s a list of health complications via bacterial infections that you can acquire due to old /dirty bed linen:

  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Dental problems
  • Meningitis
  • Sore throat
  • GIT problems (constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain)
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Pneumonia

Apart from bacteria, bed sheets also grow several other germs like yeast, mold, and viruses. 

According to a report, almost 16 different fungal species, along with millions of spores, have been identified on pillow sheets. The exposure poses a serious health risk of asthma, rhinitis, allergic bronchopulmonary mycosis, and other hypersensitivity reactions.

Dirty bed sheets also grow mold, which is a group of multicellular, ubiquitous organisms. Mold growth on linen is a particularly common sight in humid climates and can lead to runny nose, fatigue, itching, wheezing, shortness of breath, and several other problems. 

Similarly, viruses can also live on bed sheets for hours to days and can result in various diseases. 

The microbes your bed sheet hosts can enter your body when you breathe, through ears and nasal passage, or via skin contact. Given that surveys found the majority of people changing their bed sheets once every 24 days, one can say there's a range of health complications you are always prone to. 

Important to note that these germs are brought from the outside, and even if you change your sheets regularly, there’s still a lingering risk of microbial infections. 

Antimicrobial material provides optimal protection against the growth of bacteria and other germs and is, therefore, essential in bed sheets.

How Do Antibacterial Bed Sheets Protect Against Microbial Infections?

Although antibacterial bed sheets primarily prevent bacterial infections, they are also effective in restricting the growth of other germs like mold, yeast, and viruses. 

Here’s how different antibacterial substances work:

  • Silver: Ag+ or silver has been used for centuries due to its antimicrobial effects. Its ions penetrate into microbial membranes, and the nanoantibiotics disrupt DNA, thus killing bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. 
  • Bamboo: Some bed sheets are a blend of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo is a flowering plant with an inherent antibacterial activity that eradicates bacteria upon contact.
  • Antimicrobial Chemicals: Certain chemical solutions are integrated into bed sheet fabric, which then helps repel /kill germs. 

Best Antibacterial Bed Sheets You Can Find On Sale

With lucrative discounts being offered on premium products left, right, and center, we bring you eight of the best antibacterial bed sheets available on sale this festival season. This list has been compiled considering the material quality (soft, wrinkle-free, not harsh on skin), design, color, stain resistance, and customer reviews.

Mizu Sheets

The first product featured in the list is a customer-favorite, luxurious Mizu Sheets. Given the beautiful color, premium material, top-notch designs, and several features, these sheets make for an all-in-one package that you don't want to miss. 

Mizu bed sheets are made of silver and bamboo lyocell. This material is made of processed bamboo pulp and is, therefore, renewable and eco-friendly. Additionally, it is non-toxic and also adds a characteristic silkiness to the bed sheets.

The smoothness maximizes the friction of material against your skin, thus preventing itching, rashes, acne, and several other problems caused otherwise. This keeps your skin soft and clear.

One of the best features of Mizu sheets is that bamboo lyocell is woven with silver fibers that have antibacterial action. Additionally, these fibers also have a thermo-regulating property which enables the sheets to adjust automatically to your body temperature. This aids in comfortable sleep.

Another benefit of Mizu sheets is the anti-odor feature. Bed sheets start giving off a foul smell due to bacteria buildup from sweat, air, or skin contact. Since silver keeps bacteria away, it naturally keeps your sheets smelling fresh at all times.

LuxClub Bamboo Sheet

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets are everything you could expect from a high-end sheet set. These are made of bamboo cotton, which is known for its antibacterial action. It keeps several germs, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and molds, away, thus providing crucial protection.

The material is made from processed bamboo and is, therefore, eco-friendly. Additionally, it is fade-resistant, and the color is sure to last years. Bamboo is also soft yet extremely strong and, thus, long-lasting.

Another great feature of these sheets is that they are hypoallergenic. This implies preventing allergic reactions against not just microbes but also several other contaminants like dust and debris. 

SERTA Solid Bed Sheets

Another product featured in our list is bed sheets by SERTA. These are premium sheets made of 100% polyester. 

The material is treated with highly advanced bedding treatments, which enable it to repel bacteria and dust, thus making it hypoallergenic. This feature also keeps the odor away, making your bed smelling fresh and clean all day long. 

It is also elasticized, which makes it a suitable fit for several bed frames. 

Just cold wash the sheet in the machine, tumble dry low and enjoy the comfort for years to come.

Elegant Comfort Egyptian Bed Sheets

Next up, we have Elegant Comfort Egyptian Bed Sheets. Their beautiful monochrome sets complement a range of room designs and bed frames. Additionally, they are high-quality and low-maintenance and thus offer a great deal on your bucks. 

These sheets are woven with 1500 cotton threads. Being a breathable material, cotton maintains adequate ventilation, keeping away germs. Additionally, the material is soft, which helps in upkeeping the mattress as well.

The sheets are also wrinkle-free, and the color won't go pale after rinsing, which makes them ideal for daily use. Plus, the stuff is generally stain-free and woven in a neat fashion, which keeps the threads from coming off. 

Given that cotton is gentle on the skin, you can also stay assured of healthy and supple skin and no hair damage with Elegant Comfort Egyptian Bed Sheets. 

LDC King Bed Sheets

LDC King Bed Sheets come in various colors and incredible old-school prints. These sheets are made of microfiber, which is a breathable material that keeps sweat and humidity from accumulating, consequently restricting bacterial growth.

The crease-free design with beautiful traditional prints enables an aesthetic appeal to your room. Additionally, the material is stain-resistant, and a single wash with cold water (no bleach) is sufficient to keep the dirt away.

These, too, are smooth to the touch and do not act harshly on the skin, which actually contributes to healing acne, pimples, and skin inflammation. 

Truly Calm Sheet + Pillowcase Set

Next up, we have a sheet and pillowcase set by Truly Calm. The microfiber fabric is treated with Heiq Pure method, which gives it antimicrobial properties. 

The set includes a fitted sheet with a 13" pocket that seamlessly spreads over a 15" mattress. Other than that, you also get a flat 69x102" sheet with a 20x30 pillowcase.

These monochrome, solid-color antibacterial bed sheets have been certified for sustainable antimicrobial and anti-odor control. Additionally, these hypoallergenic sheets are also resistant to fade. Plus, you only need to give it a light cold wash to get rid of stains.

Martex Purity Sheet Set

The last product in our pose is the Martex Purity Sheet Set. This is made of cotton (95%) and polyester infused with silver. 

The integration of silver makes the material antimicrobial and prevents bacterial, yeast, fungal, viral, and mold infections. Additionally, the material is eco-friendly and lab-tested to offer maximum protection and comfort while being 100% safe for the environment.

The sheet is made of 300 woven cotton threads and is designed to last long. You can easily wash the sheet with cold water without the fear of it going pale or losing threads. 

The breathable cotton enables adequate ventilation required to protect the mattress from sweat buildup. This also makes the sheet resistant to odor, which is why it stays fresh for a long duration. 


Whether you are a shopaholic who fancies collecting premium sheets with vibrant colors and designs or is just casually looking for bed sheets, going for material with antimicrobial activity is always crucial. 

This article lists some of the best antibacterial bed sheets falling in different price ranges that you can find at a discount. So as the festival season sales approach, buy your favorite sheets today. 

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