MizuTowel: The Luxurious Bath Towel Available Online!

MizuTowel: The Luxurious Bath Towel Available Online!

Everyone knows how soft plush luxury bath towels can make all the difference after a warm bath. Don't you just love how comforting they are? However, most towels tend to deteriorate after just a few washes.

It can be quite frustrating when your towels fail to absorb all the water and feel abrasive on your smooth skin. I'm sure everyone wishes that they remain comfortable and last for a long time.

When buying luxury towels online, you can never be sure if the delivered product is as good as it is promised. This is where Mizu Towel comes in. It delivers all the most sought-after features that you could ever want in your towel. Think about softness, size, hygiene, or even durability, Mizu Towel has it all.

With that being said, let’s walk through all the features that make Mizu Towel the most luxurious towel in the world!

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What’s About Mizu Towel?

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This brand bases off its towels in Imabari, Japan, which is also known sometimes as the world's towel-making capital. Here, you can expect only the best skills when it comes to spinning and weaving the best-quality towels. Mizu combines craftsmanship and innovative technology to produce the world's smartest towels. Such that, they put a hygienic twist to an everyday product.

If you think that we are praising this towel without any credibility, then let us put it simply to you. A team of MIT Ph.D. holders, University Deans, and some of the best engineers and scientists have designed Mizu Towels. Through a system of trial and error, they have managed to deliver one of the coziest and hygienic luxury towels online. 

1- Mizu is a Real Japanese Manufactured Towel

Japanese towels have been carefully manufactured in Imabari for over 200 years. Their experienced towel crafting skills have attracted quite a lot of attention among critics. And why won't they? Unlike other towels, their traditional and unique techniques end up creating the softest and highly-absorbent towels.

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First, the cotton for the Mizu towel is harvested by hand, and then, a traditional machine weaves it. Compared to highly processed towels in the market, this maintains the thread's integrity by lowering the damage. Instead of using multiple dyes and softeners, the Japanese use a low amount of chemicals to dye their towels. This helps to keep their towels at their optimum softness.

Besides all this, the towels are washed with metal-free spring water from Japan's mountains. The method of using soft-water to wash them ensures that every thread conserves its softness and remains impurity-free. Overall, this unique craftsmanship delivers high-quality and luxury towels to the market. 

2- Mizu Got High Quality Material:

When it comes to the material, you only want the most absorbent substance in your towel. Bamboo or microfiber towels, used in regular towels, are not quite absorbent enough.

However, cotton tends to be highly-absorbent because they have a larger space between each thread. If you look closely enough, every luxury towel is constructed from cotton. So why should Japanese towels be any less than the best?

Unlike regular or even Egyptian cotton, Japanese cotton is better at absorbing moisture than any other. This is why Mizu Towel uses hand-harvested Xinjiang cotton to manufacture their product. The fibers are more regular, extremely durable, kink-free, and can successfully resist stress. 

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Coming to the thread-count, Xinjiang cotton beats all the other types of cotton. With almost 600 thread-count, the smart towel has proven to be one of the softest towels in the world. Furthermore, the towel has denser loops than regular towels from the market. This feature offers luxury, softness, absorbency, and fluffiness to these towels.

3- Mizu Towel is Extremely Durable

Imagine if you spent quite a lot on your luxury bath towels, and they ends up deteriorating after a few washes. Horrible, isn't it? When you spend a lot on any product, you expect it to be durable enough to last longer than just a few weeks. Fortunately, Mizu Towels will not disappoint you in this aspect at all.

The Xinjiang cotton is weaved traditionally, which ensures that the threads do not come apart. Its cotton fibers are held together by twisting yearn, imparting high durability to your luxury towels. Additionally, this Japanese weaving skill ensures that your towels remain fluffy and cozy even after multiple washes. If this was not enough, the towels are lint-free as well.

4- Have you Heard About Bacteria Fighting Towels?

When you think of the word exceptional, think about Mizu Towel. Let me explain why we have been calling them smart towels since the beginning of this article.

As we all know, towels tend to be home to a vast number of bacteria. Damp towels create an ideal environment for germs, which makes them quite unhygienic after using them for a few days. Mizu Towel, on the other hand, fights bacteria to offer hygiene.

Yes, you are reading correctly - they help remove bacteria from the towel. Mizu has infused pure and natural silver fibers in between their luxurious Xinjiang cotton. This self-cleaning feature prevents the growth of 99% germs. Isn't this a useful feature? Moreover, it even makes them suitable for use with babies too. Since their sensitive skin requires the utmost care, this hygienic towel can be the perfect choice for them.

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Along with all this, these smart towels also feature MizuTech color-changing strips at their ends. Now, what in the world is that? Imagine if your towel could tell you when to wash it, a quite useful feature, right?

This is exactly what these strips do. They detect the presence of impurities like sweat, soap, and dirt on the towels and change their color from blue to red. This alerts the user that it's time to wash the towels now.

5- Without A Doubt One of the Best Quick-dry Towels

Don't you just hate when your towels take a lot of time to dry? If you are spending quite a lot of sum on a luxury towel, you want them to have all the best qualities. This involves a quick-drying feature too. Such that, Mizu Towel's unique weaving exposes the maximum surface area to the air. This allows them to dry almost three times faster than regular towels.

6- High-absorbency Quality

High-absorbency is another feature that you would expect a high-quality, luxurious towel to have. If your towel doesn't absorb the moisture as soon as it comes in contact with it, then what's the point?

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Hence, Mizu has manufactured their towels to ideally absorb five times its weight in water. The Xinjiang cotton, along with traditional weaving techniques, ensures that these smart towels are one of the best towels in the market. Now, your hair can dry much faster than usual without dripping water all over you and your clothes.

7- Hand, Bath and Baby Towel Size

Although overlooked by many people, size is another factor that matters in a luxury towel. The greater the size, the higher the absorbency of the towel as well. Unlike regular towels, Mizu towels are almost 50% larger. Their bath towels measure a massive 27.5 by 55 inches, providing maximum coverage and comfort for you. If you are paying for a luxury towel, why shouldn't you get all the benefits?

Besides this, Mizu also provides hand towels, measuring 28 by 12 inches, for you too.

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Mizu Towels is, undoubtedly, one of the best Japanese towels you would come across. They combine high-absorbency and fast-drying features of a Japanese towel with durability, softness, and hygiene. Such that, you end up with a self-cleaning luxury towel that will last a long time. Switching to this smart bath towel with its multiple features can be a life-altering decision for you.

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