Softest Bath Towels

List of the World’s Softest Bath Towels of 2023

Who doesn’t like ending a warm bath by rolling him/herself inside a soft and fluffy towel?No one, because it feels sooo good!

Trying to recognize soft bath towels could be a bit of a hard task. This is because some manufacturers may decide to make use of fabric softeners to enhance the softness of their towels. Here is a list of soft bath towels you won’t regret buying:

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Smart Towel

List of the world's softest towels

Products Special Features Type of Material Price
Mizu Towel

Smart Towel with bacteria-fighting properties

Soft and Fluffy

Quick Drying

Japanese Cotton made from Imabari artisanal method and Natural Silver $50 
Parachute Classic Towels Highly Absorbent Turkish Cotton $114
Brooklinen Towels Enormous Size
Turkish Cotton
Aquis Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel The best option for hair drying Polyester and Nylon $45
Chakir Linen Striped Turkish Cotton Towel Budget-friendly Turkish Cotton $23
Cambridge Grand Egyptian Cotton Towel Set Fluffy nature Egyptian Cotton $67
Nordstrom At Home Hydrocotton Towels Has a large size Hydrocotton $29
Cuddledown Bamboo Towels The color does not bleed Cotton and Bamboo Rayon $26
Nutrl Bath Towels Good for sensitive skin Recycled Silver $35
Luxe Herringbone Fouta Pestemal Towels Attractive design Egyptian Cotton $27

Mizu Towel

Mizu Towel is one of the softest towel your skin can ever meet!

Have you heard about Imabari Japan artisanal crafting method? - Well, if Holiwood stars know about it, then you should too!

Imabari towels are famous around the world to be the softest towels with high quality cotton. Mizu Towel is crafted using similar techniques from the natives of Imabari, which means that these soft towels give you the best touch of quality at an affordable rate!

The materials with which it is produced ensures durability. You also get a comfortable and fluffy feeling while using this towel.

Its crafting method isn’t the only thing that makes Mizu Towel so unique. Mizu Towel is manufactured to be a bacteria-fighting towel. It features natural cleaning fibers which aid it in fighting bacteria. It is the best bath towel to consider if you want to increase your hygiene. The towel comes with stripes that indicate that there is dirt accumulation by changing its color. It is undoubtedly a highly absorbent towel, and it can absorb moisture five times its weight!


  • Made from artisanal japanese crafting method 
  • Extremely soft
  • It has bacteria-fighting properties
  • The towel boast of a high absorbency rate
  • It does not have any problem with losing moisture quickly

  • Doesn’t come in many colors 

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Parachute Classic Towels

Parachute Classic Towels

The manufacturers of this towel are known for the different grades of exquisite bath towels they design. Towels from this brand are one of the softest bath towels you can purchase. The carefully crafted quick-drying, soft towels are made using innovative Aerocotton Technology. The soft and absorbent feel of the towel will keep your refresher and clean. The use of harmful synthetic chemicals was avoided while crafting the towel. This ensures that the towel is safe for use always. Parachute’s Classic Towels are manufactured with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. The towel’s weight is at 700 grams per square meter. Most people do not deem this important because they feel that grams per square meter do not make much of a difference, but most towels are around 500 GSM.


  • Quick-Dry
  • High Absorbency

  • The towel gets a bit heavy sometimes

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Brooklinen Towels

Brooklinen Towels

Just like the name says, these towels are pretty soft. Manufactured with Turkish cotton and weighing just 820 grams, this brand of towel is plushier and thicker than other regular bath towels. The manufacturers were also generous with the size, crafted with the best materials at a dimension of 30 inches × 58 inches the towels are sure not to disappoint you. They come coupled with blank sheets that make have the softest feel. A high-pile looped terry construction of single-ply and long-staple ply yarn makes them highly absorbent. A Z-twist is employed in weaving them (rather than an S-twist) to increase their strength. The manufacturers did make sure that you get to enjoy a great feel from one of the softest bath towels for over an extended period.


  • Very Absorbent
  • Large size

  • The towels are crafted to be heavy
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Aquis Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

Aquis Waffle

The California based brand is the best towel choice for haircare enthusiasts. It is a great pick for your fine and curly hair. These soft bath towels are produced from extra-fine materials intertwined in a way that helps wipe the water away from your hair faster, without fuss or trying to wipe twice. It dries up the water on a long hair within a very short period. This towel is manufactured to be big, so feel free to wrap it around your body. They are quite large as when compared with other towels in its category. The towels are free from chemicals, which means that you need not be afraid of having any skin irritations while using them. There are also a variety of colors you can pick from, and they are quite affordable.


  • The best option for hair drying
  • The size is generous

  • The manufacturers could have done better with the packaging 
Shop Aquis Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel here >>

Chakir Linen Striped Turkish Cotton Towel

Chakir Linen

This towel is produced from 100% Turkish cotton. Chakir Linen towel set is attractive, and you will surely fall in love at first sight. The feeling gets even more blissful when you rub the towels against your skin. The towels are also plush and expensive-looking, but in reality, you will be amazed at how affordable they are. With a design that cannot be found anywhere else, the towels are even more outstanding in every sense, enjoy by covering yourself up with the towel as you will experience softness like never before. Also, you have to remember to wash the towels before you start making use of them. This is done to get rid of the threads that get stuck on the towel during manufacturing.


  • It has an attractive design
  • They are budget-friendly

  • The towel gets to rinse during the first few washes.

Shop Chakir Linen Striped Turkish Cotton Towel here >>

Cambridge Grand Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

These towels are manufactured in Canada. They are crafted from the coziest Giza Egyptian cotton, which makes them absorbent and silky as well as extremely durable. Cambridge Grand Egyptian is a 7-piece bath towel set. You get to feel the luxury comfort of a spa experience at home with these soft bath towels. The decorative dobby comes with a little trace of luster yarn to produce a unique look. The set consists of 2-hand 16-inch 30-inch, 2-bath towels 27-inch by 54-inch, and 2-face clothes 13-inch one tub mat 20-inch. They come in awesome colors that can add elegance to any bathroom. The durability is further enhanced by intertwined side selvages and lock-stitched end hems. So, if you’re looking for the softest bath towels that money can buy, this is a good shot.


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Fluffy and silky nature
  • Comes in different varieties

  • The towel happens to be heavy
Shop Cambridge Grand Egyptian Cotton Towel Set here >>

Nordstrom At Home Hydrocotton Towels

Nordstrom At Home Hydrocotton Towels

This top-rated towel is one of the softest bath towels out there. The extra soft and highly absorbent hydro cotton towels and washcloths are crafted following a unique process which makes the yarns not to be twisted. This technique creates a greater surface area which fosters maximum absorbency. They are quite soft and thick when purchased, and these towels only get better and softer overtime, especially if you do not make use of fabric softeners, which tend to reduce absorbency. The towel has a dimension of 30 inches x 54 inches and weights 650gm. You can machine-wash these towels and also bleach if need be. But you must always avoid chlorine bleaches. Also, avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they tend to compromise absorbency.


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Large size

  • They get stained easily

Shop Nordstrom At Home Hydrocotton Towels >>


Cuddledown Bamboo Towels

Cuddledown Bamboo Towels


Cuddledown Bamboo brand of towels is crafted to be extremely soft and highly absorbent right from the point of purchase. They are one of the best towels in their category. These towels do not shrink even after rigorous usage and washing, and they also retain their colors even with constant washing. The company always promises that their brand of towels are naturally built to detect germs and fight them, and this has been proven to be true after investigation. This towel meets all the necessary health guidelines to keep you safe. They come in assorted colors, so you can always pick the one that tickles your fancy. Feel free to check them out when next you are looking for the softest bath towels to purchase.


  • The towels do not fail to absorb water fast
  • The color does not wash off or bleed

  • This brand of towel takes a longer period to dry
Shop Cuddledown Bamboo Towels here >>

Nutrl Bath Towels

Nutrl Bath Towels

    Have you ever dried yourself with a smelly towel after a nice shower? We believe that experience must be awful. You will feel as if you are stinking all over again. This is where Nutrl towel comes in; they have introduced towels that are odor-free into the market. They get to achieve that by infusing the towel with silver. Produced with 100% recycled silver, the towel naturally eliminates odor from the towel and your body. Also, the silver infusion feature enables them to fight against microbes and bacteria that could cause infection. The silver in the towel eliminates bacteria by combining with the protein outside and inside the bacteria cell membrane. The cuts of the bacteria respiratory system and eventually kills it. The towel is also healthy for those with sensitive skin, so you shouldn’t worry about having your skin react to it.


    • Anti-bacteria and anti-microbial
    • Good for sensitive skin

    • It gets to shrink with time 
    Shop Nutrl Bath Towels here >>

    Luxe Herringbone Fouta Pestemal Towels

    Fouta Pestemal Towels

    These towels are crafted to be lightweight. Feel free to sling them over your shoulder or wrap it around your body. Made with 100% cotton, the softness of this brand of towel is never in doubt. They come in assorted colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste. These towels are carefully hand-loomed. It absorbs water faster than you can imagine and loses that moisture up to six times faster. They are quite versatile; feel free to use that as a blanket or as a throw on your couch. Whichever suits you, then it is achievable with this brand of soft towels. If you are looking for a nice wedding gift to give a friend for their honeymoon, this can be your best pick. They will certainly love it.


    • They are quick-dry towels 
    • The towels are highly absorbent

    What Is the Softest Material for Towels?

    It’s no myth that cotton is the softest material for your clothes or towels. However, there are different kind of cottons and the three best ones are: 

    • Japanese cotton towel
    • Egyptian cotton towel
    • Pima cotton towel

    These cotton towels are crafted to be soft, and they last long as well. In addition, they are worth every dime you spend on them. While making use of these towels, you do not need to make use of fabric softeners because you will always get the much-needed fluffiness.

    Towels made from Japanese cotton are the softest bath towels you can buy. They are also known as Xinjiang cotton. This species of cotton is produced in the Xinjiang region of Japan, so, that was how the name was derived. A good example of Japanese towels is Mizu Towel. Japanese cotton is used to create luxurious hand and bath towels that provide the softest feeling for its users. Japanese cotton is long and thin with stables that range between 3.8cm - 4cm. They are mostly harvested by hand, and this makes the material to be durable, undamaged and stress-resistant. The method of harvesting also increases its uniformity. These are the attributes that make Japanese cotton stand out from the rest. 

    Watch out when buying a soft towel:

    Towels, as we all know, come in different quality and materials. When going for a towel, there are various factors to be considered which include: The nature and quality of the towel material. This appears to be the most important factor. Here, we consider how soft the material is as we know that good towel complements refreshing shower in soothing and calming the nerves after a long, stressful and hectic day.

    It is crucial to bear in mind that some materials appear to be soft when new because some manufacturer cover their towels with a fabric softening finish and the towel will lose its softness quality immediately after the first wash or use.

    Therefore, it is very important to consider the quality and nature of the material of a towel before getting it.

    To avoid falling victimof one of these manufecturers, pick on the three above cottons. These materials are very soft, bland and silky. Towels made of these materials last for a very long period and can be used over and over again without losing its quality. The softest materials for towels are cotton, rayon or Pima and any quality towel should be made from any of these.

    luxury bath towels

    Final Note 

    You deserve to have towels that give you the best feeling after a shower. Surely you can now recognize the softest bath towels to purchase and the materials they are made of.

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