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How to Choose the Perfect Travel Towel

Do you have a trip coming up?

If yes, then you are probably thinking of the useful essentials you need to take along with you. If you're anything like me, you'll probably pack things that you'll never use during your trip - Duh!

However, there is one essential and useful item that must be included in your packing checklist. Whether you are a frequent or seasoned globetrotter, you need the best and perfect travel towel!


Why should you get the best travel towel?

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1. It helps to maintain good hygiene – Some people find it convenient to share hand and bath towels with others especially their teammates while on a trip. But you know what? This is far from sanitary. Sharing bath towels can pass germs easily, and this can lead to several health issues. So, it is important that you take your travel towel with you anytime you are traveling to avoid the hazards of sharing towels.

2. Travel towels take up less room in your bag – Unlike some luxury soft towels and best quality bathroom towels, travel towels can save enough space in your travel luggage or bag pack. You can be easily folded or rolled into a tiny space. This allows you to have enough space for other essential items you need to take along.

3. They dry faster – Do you know one of the worst things that can happen while on a trip? Perceiving an irritating smell in the tent or car and later realizing that it is your high-quality hand towels or your luxury cotton bath towels. Unlike regular towels, travel towels are made of materials that will make them dry faster after every use or after washing them. A fast drying travel towel can save you the stress of spreading your luxury soft towels in the sun before it dries up.

4. Travel towels easily absorb moisture – High-quality hand towels and best quality bathroom towels for travelers are a perfect option because they are super absorbent. Unlike traditional towels, the best travel towels dry your skin much faster.

5. It saves the cost of renting towels at guest houses and hotels – Budget accommodation is one of the reasons why you need fast drying travel towel and best water absorbing towels. There are some guest houses and hotels that rarely make towels available to their guest. This means you will have to rent a towel which comes at a cost that might make you spend extra or more than budgeted. Having your travel towel with you can save you the extra cost.

The advantages and why you need the best travel towel for your next trip are not limited to the ones above. Some other reasons are:

  • They are durable and the softest most absorbent bath towel if you choose the right and perfect travel towel.
  • Fewer resources are required to wash and dry unlike traditional towels
  • Travel towels are versatile as you can use them for everyday adventures and other activities such as yoga, swimming, hiking, a boat outing, mop up a spill, picnic in a park, beach, and more.
  • Also, you can transform a travel towel into a travel pillow in hotels, planes, campsite, and cars.

We can go on and on to let you see the reasons why you need a travel towel. But with the few ones mentioned above the question is no more “why do I need a travel towel?” now it is “how do I choose a perfect travel towel?”

How to Pick the Best Travel Towel?

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When it comes to choosing the best travel towels, there are lots of options and factors to consider. This includes the size, material, feel, brand, design, color and more. No doubt, some of your decisions can be based on preference but getting informed about the different options and featured can make a whole lot of difference.

1. Check the material

Bath and hand towels for traveling are made of different materials, and these are bamboo, linen, microfiber, cotton, and other synthetic options. Take note, most of the travel towels are constructed with microfiber. However, each of the materials available has its advantages. Let us take a quick look at them.

  • Bamboo travel towel – it is a luxury soft towel that is known to be one of the sustainable and naturally antibacterial options. The Bamboo towel is an easy and fast drying travel towel that is softer than linen and has a fabric that is comparable to cotton.
  • Linen travel towels – they are soft, absorbent bath towels that are known to be highly absorbent and naturally antibacterial. This option of thin, luxury soft towels works well in preventing odors, and also a fast drying travel towel when in the sunlight.
  • Microfiber travel towels – as mentioned earlier, this is the most commonly used material for most of the best travel towels available. Unlike other materials, the bath and hand towels constructed with microfibers splashes water off our skin instead of absorbing the water. Because of the way they get the job done, microfiber travel towels are regarded to be one of the best drying towels. They are synthetic material, lightweight, fairly soft, durable, and breathable. The minimal weight makes it easy for travelers to pack it in their bag or luggage. This is probably the best for daily travelers.
  • Cotton travel towels – this type of travel towel is among the popular luxury bath towels you will find on the market. Generally, they are one of the best water absorbing towels, but they might take forever to dry. This means the cotton towel may not be the perfect travel towel for daily travelers. However, if you know where to look, you can still get the softest most absorbent bath towels and fast drying travel towel made of cotton. They are Japanese cotton bath towels that dry faster than other cotton types.
quick dry cotton towels

    2. Check for the right size

    The size of the bath and hand towel for travel definitely does matter. The fast drying travel towels and best water absorbing towels come in different sizes. If you want to buy dry soft towels for traveling in a local store, ensure you hold the towel up and check the size. Check how small or big it is and then compare it with the size of your previous towel that is working for you. However, if you are buying the best travel towel online, check the description and specification of the product to see it has the same size with the one written on the label of the towel that us serving you presently. Generally, the trick is that if you are buying for kids, the towel will be smaller than the one you will buy for a double person.

    3. Consider the number of travel towels you need

    How many days will you use? Are you going alone or with your family or loved ones? Will you have the time or find it easy to wash your luxury soft towels where you are going to? The answers to these questions will determine the number of travel towels you need to take along. For example, if you are going to use about 10-days and will hardly have time for chores like washing your towels, you may want to take two travel towels along with you. Also, the number of best travel towel you will purchase depends on the number of people going on the trip with you. Let’s say you have two kids and a wife; this means you will need between four to eight fast drying travel towels depending on where and how long the trip will take. Remember, sharing of towels is not advisable as it can result in health problems. As a general rule of thumb, each person should have two bath and hand towels.

    4. Color

    The best travel towels come in different colors from white best quality bathroom towels to colored luxury soft towels. Even though you have the color that appeals to you, there is a need to consider the perfect travel towel color that will fit well into your needs when you get to your destination. Both the white and colored towels have their pros and cons, and it is advisable you consider them before making your final choice. For the white bath and hand towels, they are easy to clean, versatile, remains in style (classic look), cost saving, easy to match new towels with them, and more. But the white towels are highly prone to stain and can be very obvious when they have a little stain on them.

    The colored towels are also easy to clean and versatile. But unlike the white travel towels, stains on colored towels are usually less obvious. Another advantage of the colored travel towel is that they can accommodate dirt longer and it won’t be obvious to people. Take note; this does not mean you should use your colored luxury cotton bath towels for a longer time than required without washing them. Ensure you maintain good hygiene.

    5. Where you will use the travel towel

    Are you going for hiking, camping, sports competition, to the beach, or more? You can make use of the purpose of your trip to determine the type, size, number, and color of travel towel perfect for you. If you are going hiking it is advisable that you go for the best water absorbing towels with hanging loop that will make it easy for you to hand. The microfiber travel towel and luxury cotton bath towels such as the Mizu Towel can be a perfect option if you are going camping. If you are going to the beach, large size Japanese cotton bath towels and microfiber towels can bridge the gap perfectly.

    Frequently Asked Questions about How to Choose the Perfect Travel Towel

    Soft Absorbent Bath Towels

    Before making your final decisions there are some questions that you need to provide answers to, so you can make the right choice.

    • What is the cost of the towel? – Most of the best travel towels on the market come at a high price. However, this does not mean that expensive travel towels are the best quality bathroom towels. Know your budget and research for the best water absorbing towels for traveling that can fit your budget.
    • Is the product resistant to odor? – The best softest bath towels should be odor resistance. Read reviews about the product and also check for the description and specifications to confirm.
    • How durable is the travel towel and what is the rate of absorbency? – Ensure you are going for a luxury bath towel that comes with high-quality material which can make it last for a long time. Also, read description and reviews to be sure of the rate of absorbency.
    • Does it come with extra features that can be beneficial to me? – No doubt, there are luxury soft towels that come with features such as hanging loop, snap closure, carrying case, and more. Also, there are bacterial detecting towels that protect your skin against germs and harmful contaminants.

    Wrap Up

    No matter where you are making a trip to and how long you are going to stay there, ensure you include a travel towel to the list of essential items. Consider all the factors discussed, answer all the possible questions about choosing the best travel towels, and find the best place to buy bath towels online or in the area where you reside. If you want a more comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect travel towel, check out our previous post titled “An Ultimate Guide to Purchase Luxury Soft Towel Online.”




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