Five Reasons Why Mizu Is The Perfect Hair Towel For You

Five Reasons Why Mizu Is The Perfect Hair Towel For You

Are you having a hard time grooming your hair? It’s high time you find the right tools for the job. An efficient towel is all you need to caress your hair and make it look lively for a long time. 

It may sound not too important, but you need a dedicated hair towel to manage your wet curls without wearing that frizz crown. A good hair towel not only prevents frizz from your hair but also protects it from outside elements.

Luckily, buying a hair towel does not cost you hundreds of dollars. In fact, it’s a genius idea to save the money that you usually spend on hundreds of hair care products. 

But who can you trust with your hair? Mizu is an innovative brand that strives to protect your beautiful strands from bacteria and damage. Read this post to find out why Mizu Towel are the perfect addition to your hair care.

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Five Ways Mizu Towels Protect Your Hair

Your hair is an essential element of your personality. They boost your confidence and enhance your appearance. After all, a good hair day is indeed a day well-spent.

So, if you wish for lustrous and beautiful hair, you need to care for them. However, most of us can not find the time to deal with our everyday hair issues. This is why you need to get your hands on Mizu.

 Here are five reasons you should buy Hair Towel from Mizu to level up your hair game. 

Quick Drying

Your hair is the most vulnerable after a shower. They gain 30% of their weight when exposed to water. As a result, they become excessively swollen and might break or crack easily. 

So, leaving your hair unattended after a wash can be pretty damaging. This is why Mizu Towel are equipped with proprietary technology that allows your hair to dry faster. 

These amazing hair towels work 3x quicker than an average towel. So, when you dry your hair with a Mizu hair towel accompanied with mild blow drying, you can have the most luscious-looking hair. 

Maximum Comfort

Do you notice the frizz you get after towel drying your hair? Ever wondered why?

That’s because you’ve been using the wrong towel. Regular towels possess rough fibers that damage your hair. Since your hair cuticles expand when wet, the slightest friction caused by rubbing with a rough towel can break their membrane. 

For this reason, it is recommended to use a lint-free microfiber towel to dry your hair. Luckily, the soft feel and gentle fibers of Mizu towels help absorb moisture well without breaking your precious strands. 

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Unique Technology

 Many people don’t wash their towels for days because they look clean. But that’s not true.

Your towels receive several germs and pollutants due to moisture. So, how can you guess when to wash your towels? Well, how about a towel that tells you its time for a wash?, such towels do exist. Mizu hair towels possess a unique color-changing technology with solvatochromic strips. These strips change color from blue, purple, and red when they react with sweat, bacteria, and contaminants. 

Based on the colors, you can know your towel needs a wash without the hassle of remembering the last time you gave it a spin. 

In addition, Mizu towels are designed to withstand high water temperatures to maintain the quality and texture of your hair towel. 

Antibacterial Properties

Your hair is always prone to bacteria living in the environment. Unfortunately, you can’t detect these micro-organisms from the naked eye, so it’s almost impossible to protect your hair from them.

Mizu is known for incorporating silver-embedded high-quality bamboo cotton in their hair towels. The silver is added to prevent bacteria growth as it possesses exceptional antibacterial properties that allow your hair towels to remain clean for longer durations. 

The feature is vital for a clean scalp since silver can also inhibit mold growth and bacteria in your hair when you dry your hair.  

Absorbs Maximum Moisture

Your hair can absorb a lot of moisture when you shower. So, taking it all out with a regular towel can be tricky. 

Luckily, Mizu towels are made of fine quality microfibres that can absorb water 5x times their original weight. As a result, you do not need to try several methods for drying your hair. Instead, just wrap your hair in a Mizu Towel let it sit for a while to absorb maximum moisture. 

In case you don’t know, removing the moisture from your hair is very important. That’s because excessive moisture can cause more oil production in your scalp. In addition, it gives the perfect environment for molds and bacteria to grow. 

As a result, you might experience an itchy head, which is, ofcourse, a nightmare for most of us. Where regular towels lack these qualities, Mizu hair towels make sure they lead the race. 

While you now know how Mizu towels care for your hair, it’s time you learn how you can use them for your lovely locks. 

Dry Your Hair Smartly with Mizu Towel

Using a Mizu towel can be excellent for your hair. However, you must learn some do’s of effective towel-drying to get the best result from your Mizu hair towel. 

Here are a few steps you should follow for your hair drying routine:

Step 1 - Use Your Hands to Squeeze Out Maximum Water

When you step out of the shower, your hair must be dripping with water. This is when your hair is relatively weaker, so you must stay gentle while drying it. 

Instead of wrapping it up, squeeze the excess water out with your hands. This way, your hair towel will work more efficiently by absorbing the leftover moisture without getting too wet. 

Step 2 - Gently Dab and Blot Your Wet Hair

You may feel the urge to strangle your hair with a towel. Unfortunately, doing so will only make your hair more tangled, frizzy, and brittle over time. Instead, you should gently towel dry your hair by dabbing and blotting. 

Start from the bottom and pave your way all up to the roots. This technique prevents you from dragging and pulling your hair, minimizing hair breakage.

Step 3 - Dry Your Hair by Sections

Your hair is dense by the roots as compared to your ends. Thus, your roots retain more moisture and take longer to dry completely. 

So, you must focus on them when towel drying your hair. Don’t rub them vigorously with a towel. Instead, a clever way of drying your roots is to section your hair after a shower. 

All you have to do is take small pieces of hair and dry them with your towel from the ends to the roots. 

Step 4 - Use a Dry Part of Your Towel for Every Hair Section

Every towel as a saturation point; beyond that level, your towel may not be able to retain more water. As a result, using the same part of a towel for drying every section of your hair doesn’t seem to help. 

So, you should use a fresh part of your Mizu towel each time you start drying a new hair section. This will allow you to save time and effort while drying your hair.

Step 5 - Wrap Your Hair Gently

Although Mizu towels are luxuriously soft, you should not twist your hair too tight while drying. Since your hair is too fragile when wet, it may break easily due to excessive pressure. 

Instead, gently wrap your hair towel around your head and let it sit on your shoulder. This way, you can dry your hair effectively without damaging it.

Step 6 - How to Care for Your Mizu Towel

Mizu towels offer high quality and durability. Despite that, you should care for your hair towel to ensure its longevity. 

Here are a few ways you can care for your Mizu towel the way it cares for you:

  1. Use an adequate amount of detergent to wash your newly-purchased towel. 
  2. Opt for vinegar in place of your regular fabric softener or a bleaching agent to retain its texture for a long time.
  3. Wash your hair towel in lukewarm or hot water. Just make sure you don’t boil it.
  4. Use baking soda for added effects of fabric softening and removing unwanted odors.
  5. Avoid washing your towels with other clothes.
  6. Dry your towel by shaking and let it dry in a clean environment.
  7. Store your hair towel in a neat and organized manner. 
  8. Never iron your towel. As it may damage its microfibre and compromise its performance.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other regular towels, Mizu indeed takes the lead as their hair towels are an excellent selection for maintaining your hair care routine. In addition, they allow you to dry your hair without causing any damage. 

The best part about these cotton-made towels is that they are super soft and feel the best. This makes them easy to use and doesn’t cause any hassle when drying out our hair, giving us a pleasant experience. 

However, you should ensure not to use your hair towel for your body. That’s because your body sheds off dead skin cells every day. So when you use your hair towel on your body as well, you may compromise your hair health. 


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