Everything You Need To Know About Lint Free Bath Towels

Everything You Need To Know About Lint Free Bath Towels

When you buy a new bath towel, one of the things that can drive you crazy is the lint! Right? 

It may make you regret buying the towel, picking up the old towel again and throwing the new one away. On the other hand, if you own a low-quality towel with lint, you may ask yourself, how on earth do I get rid of all the fluff that goes everywhere?

Keep calm! There is a way around it!

Some high-quality towels like Mizu Towel are soft, fluffy and lint-free! You just need to know how to recognize this kind of towels!



What Makes A Bath Towel Lint Free?


When a towel is made of high-quality and long fibers, for example Mizu Towel, it will not easily produce lint as the ones made of low-quality and small balls of fiber. Also, when a luxury bath towel does not have excessive fibers, it may not pill. When the threads of cotton are combed before they are spun, the shorter fibers will be removed, and this prevents the luxury cotton bath towels from pilling.

Are Lint Free Bath Towels Worth It?

Check out the comparison table below as we compare lint-free bath towels like Mizu towel with regular bath towels.




Quick dry




Super absorbent

Slightly absorbent


Very soft

Somewhat soft



Weight varies


Highly fluffy and gets fluffier with use

They may be fluffy

Special features

Kills bacteria and detect impurities

As at now, none is available


Upgraded size

Regular size


Save energy and water

Uses up more energy and water during maintenance


What Special Features A Lint Free Bath Towel Have?


  • The most reliable ones are made of Xinjiang cotton that offers royal softness
  • Hyper absorbency technology
  • Potent, quick drying
  • Upgraded size
  • Pure natural silver
  • Twisted yarn weave
  • Color changing strips (Unique feature you can see in one of the best luxury bath towels called Mizu towel)

Benefits of Having Lint Free Bath Towel

1. Construction material

    Have you ever heard of the Xinjiang cotton? - If you haven’t, then you have been missing something beneficial in the world of towels.

    This is a fabric many royalty and celebrities crave, which is the reason why sometimes they travel from around the world to Japan just to have a hold of it. Do you know why? The Xinjiang cotton offers royal softness. It means getting lint free bath towels made from this type of cotton will provide you with the same kind of experience and comfort that royalties enjoy when they use their bath towels.

    Even though there can be luxury bath towels made of Egyptian cotton, and other materials, it is hard to find a lint-free bath towel that is softer than the Xinjiang cotton varieties like the Mizu towels. In addition, the high-quality long threads are second to none, and that is why they are called the epitome of luxury. This is something people with sensitive skin would definitely enjoy using!

    Due to the construction material, lint-free cotton towels feel good and never rub the skin in an abrasive manner. They do not irritate the skin. Also, the luxury cotton bath towels made of Xinjiang cotton are not stiff like some synthetics and are not itchy like wool and some other cotton type.

    The construction material also contributes to the natural texture seen on the lint-free cotton bath towels. This property comes in handy and super helpful when washing your face, exfoliating in the shower, or for some tougher cleaning jobs.

    2. Hyper absorbency technology

    No doubt, one of the reasons why you would buy a new towel is if your towel is old and stops performing its duty of getting water off your body. What if you go to the store, spend hundreds of dollars, come back home with so much eagerness to use the new towel, but found out the bath towel does not dry water off your body as you had expected? Of course, you would be disappointed.

    Many of the luxury cotton bath towels in the market today do not do their job as expected. Despite their incompetence, you will still need to deal with fluffs everywhere. Arrrrrghhhhh!

    Lint-free bath towels are different. Their level of absorbency is higher than many of the towels you see around. The absorbency of this type of luxury cotton bath towels is exceptional because they have lots of long loops and wide surface area. Also, the yarns of lint-free bath towels are thin, and this contributes to its absorbency power.

    A perfect example of this type of bath towels is the Mizu towels, which are known as the best quality bathroom towels. When you put them in water, they can absorb five times their weight. Not only that, the Japanese cotton bath towels also absorb faster.

    3. Quick Dry

    Generally, it is believed that the thicker a towel is, the longer it takes to dry, and the thinner a bath towel is, the shorter it takes to dry. This means you have forfeit one for another. If you buy a thicker towel, you should not expect it to dry within a short time.

     You may have to change your belief with lint-free bath towels. These luxury cotton bath towels are very thick and at the same time, dry quickly.

    The best quality bathroom towels and high-quality hand towels such as Mizu towel are constructed specially to maximize their exposure to the open air. This enables air to easily pass through the fibers and get them dry within a short time.

    The quick-dry feature makes the lint-free towel dry three times faster than many luxury cotton towels in the market. So, if you are traveling or going on a vacation or adventure and need the high-quality bathroom towel and a best quality hand towel that dries faster, the lint-free bath towels can be a perfect choice.

    4. Twisted yearn weave

    Sometimes, you take a look at your towel and begin to wonder if you got an authentic and high-quality bathroom towel. However, you begin to doubt within yourself as the towel is just a few weeks old, and it is already begun to come apart. You hardly feel the softness, and the durability is nothing to write home about.

    I have used many towels in my lifetime, so I know how that feels. But the truth is we have at one point of our purchase failed to realize that the durability and longevity of a luxury bath cotton towels depend on the way they are constructed.

    Unlike average luxury cotton bath towels, lint-free bath towels feature twisted weave that binds the fibers together and makes them very durable. The maximum durability means you can use lint-free, quick-dry cotton bath towels for a long time without thinking of getting a new one.

    The twisted yarn weave also ensures that lint free bath towels retain and maintain their softness for long. The more you use and wash them, the fluffier and plusher they get.

    5. Pure natural silver eliminates contaminants

    Generally, a towel is one of the top breeding places for bacteria. Moist and used towels are known to have the highest risk for skin infections as they can contain more than 100, 000 bacteria per square inch. This is more than enough to cause illness and infections in babies, adolescents, and adults.

    Unfortunately, most of the towels you will get in the physical and online stores do not have any feature that tackles the bacteria. Lint-free bath towels bridge the gap by employing a feature called pure natural silver; this can help you get rid of bacteria and germ.

    According to research, when silver gets oxidized, it releases silver ions, which can kill bacteria and germs. The lint-free bath towels like the self-cleaning Mizu towel have fibers that are coated with pure natural silver. It means you don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria breeding on your towel and your skin after bath. If you are conscious of your health, going for the lint-free bath towels with pure silver coating won’t be an option but a necessity.

    6. Color changing strips detect contaminants

    If I may ask, how many smart bath towels do you know? What makes them smart?

    I don’t think they will be anything compared to what the lint-free bath towels like Mizu towel offers. You can use an average towel many times without knowing the right time to wash it. Also, you don’t get to know when many of the available bath towels come in contact with contaminants. It means there are high tendencies that your body will come in contact with contaminants present on these bath and hand towels.

    For some who claim to be smart, the special feature you may notice is a pocket that allows you to keep your items safe when on the beach. What more? Nothing!

    Lint-free bath towels puts an icing on the cake by helping you detect impurities and notifying you when your towel is dirty and needs a wash. The luxury cotton bath towels feature color-changing strips that will detect impurities such as bacteria, oil, soap residues, sweats, and other contaminants. When the best water absorbing towels with this feature detects such impurities, it will alert you by changing its color. With the change in color, you will be able to know when your towel needs a wash, and when it is clean.

    7. Upgraded size for more comfort

    I sometimes wonder how people get comfortable wrapping a small towel around their waist. It is embarrassing and not convenient. Most of the regular towels come with a size that is measured at 38” by 20”. To be honest, this size is not comfortable to wear. They are often not suitable for outdoor adventures or activities such as the summer beach vacation. With lint-free bath towels, there is room for a higher degree of comfort. They often come with an upgraded size that gives a more convenient experience both indoors and outdoors.

    8. Lint-free bath towels are organic

    Many of bath and hand towels are made with fibers grown with toxins, which can cause allergies and other skin reactions, especially for people with sensitive skins. With lint-free bath towels, you can eradicate your worries because the Xinjiang cotton used in the construction is completely organic and free from chemicals. They are not grown with toxins, so they cause little to no skin reactions.

    9. The bath towels are more breathable

    If you are looking for one of the best quality bathroom towels to use during the summer, lint-free bath towels are a better option. As earlier mentioned, they allow air to pass through them easily. This makes it possible for the luxury cotton bath towels to keep you sufficiently cool throughout the day.

    10. They require low maintenance

    Lint-free bath towels, especially the self-cleaning Mizu towels, do not require special maintenance. All you have to do is to wash them when they are dirty or when required. However, you have to ensure you are doing this the right way and with the right cleaning products. I often suggest that you wash your bath and hand towels with Sonic Soak, which is the safest washing and cleaning tool for your high-quality bathroom towels.


    Mizu Towel The World's Best Bacteria Fighting Towel

    When it comes to choosing lint free bath towel, Mizu is the best option for you. Mizu made with Artisanal Japanese towel crafting techniques and the most luxurious cotton in the world + pure natural silver. Equipped with a modern and elegant design, it is perfect for your everyday bath time and a gift for your loved ones. 


    Finally, there is an extensive line up of 100% cotton towels that claim to be lint-free on the market, but there are only a few genuine luxury cotton bath towels that are actually lint-free. This means knowing where to buy the best lint-free bath towels will ensure you benefit from what these luxury towels offer and don’t fall victim to counterfeits.


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