Best Lint Free Towels You Can Buy Online

Best Lint Free Towels You Can Buy Online

Isn’t it annoying when you get a current shock while you’re using a towel? This happens to almost everybody, yet most people don’t know why. Well, most towels give off lint, which causes an electrostatic discharge. This is what gives you a shock. Consequently, lint free towels and cloths are all the rage these days.

Unlike ordinary home towels, these don’t leave any fluff after being used.

Most high-quality towels don’t give off lint as the fibers are fused well together. However, they’re made with long-fibers, which tend to fall out over time. Lint free bath towels, on the other hand, are made with short-fibers, which prevents them from coming loose.

If you’re looking for high-quality lint free bath towel recommendations, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top picks for the best lint free towels in 2020.

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Lint Free Towels

Best Lint free Towels 2020 - Review

Product Name Fabric

Length and Width

Mizu Pure silver fibers 27.5 by 55 inches (Bath) and 12 by 27.5 inches (Hand) Dark grey
Wellhome Cotton 30 by 54 inches (Bath) and 16 by 30 inches (Hand) Dusty blue
Polyte Microfiber 30 by 60 inches (Bath) and 16 by 30 inches (Hand) Light grey
Answet Textile Cotton 43 by 45 inches Baby blue
The Rag Company Microfiber 16 by 16 inches  White

Find all the details about the top 5 lint free bath towels below:

Mizu Smart Towel Set

Based in Imabari, Japan, Mizu specializes in towel craftsmanship and smart home technology. In the Mizu Smart Towel Set, they’ve combined the two and created an innovative product that’s super absorbent and high-quality.

It’s made with Imabari’s staple cotton and silver fibers. As a result, it’s very soft and smooth to the skin, so if your skin is sensitive, Mizu towels may be the solution for you. Additionally, the towel has a large surface area, meaning it absorbs and dries very quickly. 

However, the best part is the special antibacterial features. Since the Mizu 8x Smart Towel Set is infused with silver fibers, it has antibacterial capabilities. Silver naturally kills and removes bacteria and other contaminants.

Moreover, the two lines on the towel are also very cool. They change color if they detect contaminant build-up, turning from light blue to red. In this way, you know when to wash your towels.

In essence, it’s a highly convenient feature, acting as a sort of reminder to wash your towels, something a lot of people tend to forget about.


  • Environmentally-friendly fabric
  • Family-pack available
  • Very comfortable
  • Effective cleaning and drying

  • Limited colors

Welhome Franklin Textured Towel Set of 6

    Welhome Franklin Textured Towel Set of 6

    Wellhome is an American online home-improvement store that sells high-quality towels, blankets, clothes, and even bedsheets. The Wellhome Franklin Textured Towel Set is a low-lint, 600 GSM set of bath and hand towels.

    For those that don’t know, GSM refers to grams per square meter, i.e., the density of your towel. It tells you how well your towel absorbs water, and 600 GSM is an excellent absorbency rate.

    The material is 100% pure cotton, imported from Egypt and Turkey (and spun in India). The cotton gives you more absorbency, but it also makes it easier to clean. In essence, stains and sweat come out very easily.

    Moreover, the cotton is combed, making it look more aesthetic and less likely to give off lint. You can place these in the guest bathroom, and it’ll look exactly like a luxury hotel.

    However, be mindful to follow the washing instructions. For example, the manufacturer strictly prohibits the use of bleach and fabric softener (as they deteriorate the quality of the fabric).


    • Comes in four shades of blue
    • Machine washable
    • Relatively affordable
    • Great weave

    • The pills come out after a while
    • Can get some discoloration after multiple washes

    Polyte lint free Microfiber Bath Towel (6-Piece Set)

    Polyte lint free Microfiber Bath Towel (6-Piece Set)

    Polyte is another American brand that specializes in environmentally-friendly and sustainable home products. For now, their niche only includes towels and washcloths, but they plan on expanding to other cleaning products.

    The company aims to create products that make cleaning more efficient, and the Polyte lint free Microfiber Bath Towel is no exception.

    It’s 100% microfiber, infused with ultra-small threads alternately with longer threads. This makes it highly lint free because the shorter the threads, the harder it is for them to come loose. Moreover, the towels dry very quickly with dual-pile design.

    The dual-pile design is the alternation between short and long threads. This creates more towel density, making water absorption, and release more efficient.

    Also, the towels are lightweight and compact, making them more easy to store and pack for traveling. If you’re constantly traveling, this is a good travel towel to have on hand.


    • Soft even after washing
    • Very durable
    • 90 polyester-10 polyamide blend
    • Set of bath, hand, and wash towels

    • Limited colors 
    • A bit rough on dry skin 

    Answet Textile lint free Bath Towels (2 Pieces)

    Answet Textile lint free Bath Towels (2 Pieces)

    Selling top of the line home towels, Answet Textile caters to consumers all over the US. Their bath towels are some of the most popular in the market, simply because they use high-quality materials and technology.

    The Answet Textile lint free Bath Towels are multi-purpose towels, perfect for people with sensitive skin.

    The soft muslin fabric is the reason this product is a best-seller. As mentioned, due to its soft properties, the Answet Textile towel is ideal for babies and people with dry/sensitive skin.

    It’s large enough for you to swaddle a newborn, and it comes in gender colors (blue and pink). If you’re looking for a nice, lint free baby towel, this one is a good choice. As it is cotton muslin, the fabric is very breathable and absorbs/dries very quickly.

    The dye is also environmentally-friendly, free from chemicals and toxins that might harm your baby. The dye may not have chemicals, but it’s long-lasting. As many users have testified, the color remains long after multiple washes.

    The package contains two bath towels, which you can use interchangeably.


    • Durable cotton fabric
    • Easy to wash
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Great customer service

    • The size is a bit small
    • There are only three colors available

    The Rag Company’s All-Purpose lint free Towels (12 Pack)

    The Rag Company’s All-Purpose lint free Towels (12 Pack)

    Founded in 1999, The Rag Company sells wholesale and retail microfiber products, including towels (multiple kinds), chemicals (soaps, glass-cleaners, waxes), and cleaning tools and accessories (such as pump sprayers, sanding tools, wools, and foams).

    The Rag Company All-Purpose lint free Towels are from their line of dual-pile towels. Weaved with high-quality yarn, the towels are an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. The microfibers are spread at 200,000 per square inch, making the fabric incredibly soft.

    You can use the towel to clean and disinfect surfaces (such as tables or countertops) or to dry yourself after a bath. It has a great absorption rate, with the 80/20 microfiber blend soaking up 99% of moisture.

    Additionally, the care instructions are very straightforward. The towels aren’t compatible with bleach, dyes, and fabric softener. Moreover, you can only wash the towels with other non-linting materials, i.e., no (long-thread) cotton or wool fabrics.


    • Available in 10 bright colors
    • 12-pack towels (family-sized)
    • Free shipping
    • Lightweight and easy to store

    • The towel density is a bit low 
    • A bit smaller than other towels

    Best Luxury lint free Towels 2020 - The Buying Guide 

    Best Luxury lint free Towels 2020 - The Buying Guide 

    After having gone through our reviews, you may be wondering: how do I know if a lint free towel is high-quality or not? Well, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. The quality of towels, in general, is easy to discern as you only need a little knowledge about fabric and consistency.

    To help you out, we’ve compiled some things you should know about lint free towels:

    Why Are lint free Towels Better?

    First of all, why are lint free towels better than normal ones? In essence, there are five main things you get from lint free towels that you don’t from normal ones.

    They are:

    • High-quality fabric: lint free fabric is smoother and more durable.
    • More absorbency: They can hold up to eight to ten times more moisture than normal towels.
    • Efficient drying: lint free towels are denser and, consequently, dry quicker.
    • Twisted weaves: This is to ensure no piles come loose (adding to its durability).
    • Organic and environmentally-friendly materials: lint free towels don’t use plastics or chemical-based fabrics, making them greener.

    Moreover, lint free towels are also easier to wash and maintain (as they don’t need to be cleaned as often).

    Main Qualities to Look For

    Now that you know the benefits of lint free towels, how do you know which ones are good and which aren’t? Well, there are a few main things to consider:

    1. Fiber

    Cotton is best for absorbency, but polyester blends are less likely to pill. Therefore, we recommend going with polyester blends.

    2. Weave quality

    For example, combed or textured towels have shorter fibers. As mentioned, shorter fibers mean less lint, so it’s preferable to get textured towels. However, these can be rough on the skin, so keep that in mind.

    3. Weight

    As explained above, the GSM range is the density of your towel. lint free towels should be between 400 and 600 GSM, as this is the medium-weight range. The upper and lower ranges are generally unnecessary in bath towels.

    4. Stitching

    Double-turned stitching is more durable and lint free than single. This is because the stitching is more secure and less likely to loosen over time.

    5. Size

    This depends on your personal needs, i.e., whether you need smaller or larger towels. It’s better to get a set of small and large towels as you have more options that way.

    All in all, take into account these factors but also think about your personal preference. Do you need larger-sized towels? Do you need multi-purpose towels for cleaning and bath? Also, if you’re looking for special features (such as the antibacterial properties in the Mizu towel-set), search for towels accordingly.

    The lint free towels on this list, particularly the Mizu Smart Towel Set, deliver all these qualities. Now that you’ve gone through this guide, you can be surer of your purchase.



    How to wash lint free towels?

    Most lint free towels are machine washable. However, as mentioned above, lint free towels are made with organic materials.

    This makes them incompatible with:

    • Bleach 
    • Chlorine
    • Dye (artificial not natural)
    • Fabric softener
    • Other chemical-based liquids
    Exposing them to these may result in:

    • Linting
    • Discoloring
    • Roughness

    Consequently, only wash your lint free towels with reliable brands of detergent (such as Tide). The water cycle should be set to cold and gentle (as this maintains the quality of the towel).

    How often do I wash my lint free towels?

    Some lint free towels are very easy to wash. For example, the Mizu Smart Towel changes color when dirty, so you know when to wash. However, as a general rule, you should wash your towels after three to four uses. This typically means once or twice a week.

    Most people forget to wash or change their towels frequently, which is unhygienic. Towels usually accumulate germs, sweat, and dirt very quickly.

    Where do I buy good quality lint free towels?

    Only buy products from reliable sources. This means that you should either buy directly from the manufacturer or online department stores like Amazon or eBay.

    In this way, you can call on customer service if there’s a problem with your purchase. 

     Mizu Smart Towel


    To sum it up, lint free towels are worth the money. They’re made with soft, breathable fabric, making them the perfect item to make your bathrooms luxurious. All the items on this list come highly recommended by users. However, the Mizu Smart Towel Set is particularly exceptional, with unique antibacterial technology and smart color-changing features.

    Consequently, we strongly urge you to try it out.




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