8 Best Luxury and Decorative Bathroom Hand Towels You Can Buy Online

8 Best Luxury and Decorative Bathroom Hand Towels You Can Buy Online

If your towel is rough, tattered, and lacks absorbency, it is time to make an upgrade to your towel collection. Whether you prefer a fluffy cotton towel or a thin antimicrobial towel, we have chosen a list that covers the high-quality, quick-drying towels that will give you the vibe of a five-star hotel!

Here are the best eight bathroom hand towels you can buy online! 

1. YAMAMA Cotton Hand Towels

YAMAMA cotton hand towels are made of 100% cotton, which makes them a super-soft microfiber towel. In addition, these towels come in pastel colors such as blue, orange, and yellow. They add a touch of color to your bathroom.

Measuring 13 inches by 23 inches in size, it provides enough surface to act as a sound absorbent. It is quick-drying and has the right thickness that you would want in a hand towel. Moreover, these towels are incredibly soft and comfortable to use.

They are made from natural materials and do not contain any chemicals that can harm your skin. 

One more vital factor to keep in mind is to look for durability. Yamama hand towels are durable, and their microfiber thread does not get ruined by machine wash because it is a fade-resistant towel. In addition, it means that they are easy to wash and dry.

Besides that, YAMAMA cotton bathroom hand towels are neatly packed and come in a pack of three. So you also don't have to worry about sharing your hand towel with anyone.

They have a leaf pattern and weigh about 100 grams, so they aren't very heavy and an excellent choice as bathroom hand towels.

2. Pidada Hand Towels

Pidada hand towels
come in a set of two. They are embroidered towels that feature birds on the branches of a tree. These aesthetically pleasing hand towels do not only add a touch of style to your bathroom but also enhance the comfort of drying your hands.

Pidada hand towels are made from 100% cotton. As a result, they are efficient at absorbing and drying water. In addition, they are made with the quick-drying strategy so that you can hang them in your bathroom after use.

These towels measure 13.8 by 29.5 inches in size and weigh about 200 grams. They provide a revitalizing touch to your hands while also efficiently absorbing moisture.

Since these bathroom hand towels are durable, you can wash them in a washing machine. In addition, they have color lock technology, so they are fade-resistant.

Pidada makes neat and decorative hand towels so you can fold them to keep on your shelves or hang them in the bathroom. Either way, they look simplistic yet luxurious.

You only have to avoid bleaching when you wash these towels as they are embroidered. Also, use a mild detergent while washing. 

3. Mizu Hand Towel

Both soft and absorbent, Mizu Towel is one of the most high-quality cotton towels on the market. As a result, they are not only luxurious but also very comfortable to use. In addition, Mizu Towel is soft and fluffy, which makes it great at absorbing moisture.

Besides that, this Japanese towel is made from hand-harvested Xinjiang cotton. It contains fibers that are silver coated. As a result of silver, this towel can fight bacteria. Thus, it makes Mizu a very modern yet helpful towel.

One notable factor about the Mizu bathroom hand towel is that it has color-changing stripes. When the towel becomes extremely dirty, these stripes change to red, indicating that the towel needs a wash.

This towel efficiently absorbs moisture and also has a quick-dry capacity. In addition, it is made from a twisted weave pattern that enhances the quick-drying ability.

It is pointless to invest in towels that start to look like rags after a couple of washes. So what makes Mizu towels different from the others? Mizu uses Xinjiang cotton, which is weaved traditionally. It ensures that the threads do not come apart after washing them.

These towels are also lint-free and remain fluffy after washes.

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4. Coyuchi's Air Weight Organic Towel

Coyuchi's air-weight organic towel is made from long loops of organic cotton. It has a twill texture that maximizes absorbency and cleans moisture in a single wipe.

It is a very efficient towel that is quick-drying and durable. Moreover, it has a range of vibrant colors that brighten up your bathroom. You can display these towels on the racks or hang them on a hook. Either way, they look beautiful. 

The hand towel measures four inches in width and fourteen inches in length. These towels are handwoven in India, and they have super soft microfiber threads.

The low friction material also adds to absorbency. It has a made-safe seal that verifies that these towels are free of toxins. Since they are organic, they do not cause significant harm to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Sabahar Tana Ethiopian Towel

The Tana Ethiopian bathroom hand towel is luxurious and decorative. This towel is handmade in Ethiopia, and it is simplistic and elegant. 

With the interlocking warp technique, this towel is very durable. In addition, these towels have handwoven cotton that provides fade resistance.

Besides that, you can clean it in a washing machine. 

This towel is eco-friendly and dyed with AZO-free color. It has geometric patterns, and it is the perfect addition to a minimalist bathroom.

Moreover, this towel has super soft microfiber threads that help absorb moisture and also provide a larger surface area. This makes them multipurpose, and you can use them to dry your hair as well.

Besides that, it has low friction material and does not damage the skin.

6. Pottery Barn's Rebecca Atwood Organic Swirl Sculpted Towels

Pottery barn isn't only a high-quality furniture store. It also has a wide range of towels, including standard cotton, patterned, textured, and quick-drying hand towels. In addition, they have organic towels that do not negatively impact the environment. 

Their textiles create colorful calming textures for towels that add a luxurious touch to your bathrooms and also provide comfort. Soothing hues and elegant embroidery on towels are something that doesn't go unnoticed.

The swirl sculpted towels have a pattern of swirling wind against a blue background. These towels are made in Portugal.

They have the best cotton thread. In addition, they grow their organic cotton without toxins and pesticides.

The sculpted towels meet the Global Organic Textile Standards as labs test them and verify them as safe from harmful substances. 

Besides that, they have dyed yarn that doesn't fade with multiple washes. As a result, it provides more excellent durability and is one of the best bathroom towels. 

7. SKL HOME's Farmhouse Bee Hand Towel Set

The hand towels by SKL Home come in a two-piece towel set. Each towel is soft and durable. It is made from cotton. 

These hand towels feature an embroidered bumblebee. These are multipurpose, and you can use them in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. 

The bathroom hand towels by SKL home are a mixture of luxurious touch and simplicity. You can also buy coordinating towel sets. Each towel measures 16 inches to 25 inches. 

These decorative hand towels are the perfect addition to your bathroom because they add a nice artistic look when you keep them neatly folded.

The embroidered thread is soft, and it does not create friction against the skin. These hand towels are also available in different styles and embroideries, providing versatility. You can choose the design that you like best.  

Besides that, since you use bathroom hand towels regularly, they need to be durable. The textiles weave these towels closely with the best quality thread to provide maximum durability. They don't fade quickly and are an excellent buy for your bathroom.

8. Bed, Bath and Beyond's Wild Sage Leopard Hand Towel

Bed, Bath and Beyond's Wild Sage Leopard Towel is functional and stylish. It adds a luxurious touch to the bathroom, and it is decorative when you hang it on a hook.

The leopard print makes the towel trendy. This chic towel is ultra-soft and has a pebbled texture. The hand towel measures 28 inches in length and 16 inches in width. 

Since it is ultra-soft, it is comfortable to use and also wipes away maximum moisture. In addition, it is easy to wash as it is fade-resistant, and you can put it in the washing machine.

These towels are the best to keep in your bathroom because they are quick-drying with the maximum surface area for absorption. You can hang them next to the sink without worrying about the time it will take to dry. 

These hand towels are also budget-friendly and super fluffy, which makes them a great buy. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Towel Online


Absorbency is a significant factor that you should consider before buying a towel. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to know which towels offer better absorption when you're buying online. However, the best way to choose a towel for maximum absorption is to check the towel's thickness. 

Thicker towels are better at absorbing moisture. They soak up more water but take more time to dry. Egyptian cotton towels are also better absorbents. 


If you're ordering bathroom hand towels online, it is essential to keep in mind the fiber it has. Fibers create the difference in absorbance, softness, and durability. 

Besides that, not all fibers are environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is best to choose towels made from organic cotton. There are several materials available, including Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Turkish cotton. 

Try to avoid buying towels that contain polyester as they can be harsh on the skin.


While most people don't consider this while buying a towel, it is essential to check the measurements. Even though hand towels are mostly the same size, you should always read the measures.

You need to be sure if your hand towel mainly dries hands or if it is a heavy, large towel that is suitable for bathing purposes too.


As unnecessary as this sounds to some people, weight plays an important role when purchasing a towel. It is an essential factor because lighter towels dry quickly, while heavy towels take longer to dry.

However, heavier towels are better at absorbing moisture.


Towels made from combed cotton tend to be more durable. It is because they have long fibers of the yarn, and they are firm and durable. While on the other hand, ringspun cotton contains both short and long fibers, which produces a very soft, plush fabric.

High twist yarn enhances durability, while soft twist yarn produces a fluffy towel.

Fade Resistance

You don't want to invest in towels that cost you a fortune but fail to maintain the color. In addition, it is common for towels to become faded or splotchy after a couple of washes. Therefore it is vital to know which towels are fade resistant. 

There isn't a particular way to tell, but the best advice is to read reviews to know about the product that you're buying online. It is also convenient to purchase white towels because they do not become splotchy.

Things to Keep in Mind When Washing a Towel

  • Wash the new towels before using them
  • Do not wash the towels with a fabric softener 
  • Do not wash your towels with other clothes 
  • Wash your towels frequently (ideally after every three uses)
  • Protect your towels from benzoyl peroxide
  • Wash the towel with a gentle detergent 
  • Dry on low heat
  • Do not use bleach
  • Store the towels once they are fully dry 


There is a wide variety of towels available online. Here we have chosen the best eight towels, some of which are anti-bacterial and work best to dry moisture.

New towels with quick-dry techniques and new threads hit the markets every day, but we hope that with these bathroom hand towels, your washroom will have a decorative touch and a luxurious feel. 

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