5 Best Luxury Japanese Towels You Can Find Online in 2023

5 Best Luxury Japanese Towels You Can Find Online in 2023

Towels are essential because they are everyday products. Therefore, getting the best towels for you and your family cannot be overemphasized.

Japanese towels are the best luxury towels you can get because of their cotton quality!

This article has listed out the best luxury Japanese towels you can find online, take a look:

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List Of The Best Luxury Japanese Towels 

Product Dimension  Special Features Price
Mizu Towel 20 × 30

Made with Imabari artisanal crafting techniques making it ultra soft and durable

Bamboo cotton & natural silver to prevent 99% of bacterial growth

Quick-drying & hyper absorbent

Smart towel with color-changing strips that tells you when dirty

Nitori Zero Twist Bath Towel 29.5 x 59.1

Very big and fluffy

It is a quick-dry towel

The towel has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

The durability of this towel is assured.

HACOON Imabari Towel 23.6 x 47.2

It is very tender to touch

Built to be an eco-friendly towel

The manufacturers had versatility in mind while producing this towel

It has a quick-dry feature

Hotman One-Second Towel 25.6 x 53.9

It has a high absorbency rate

The towel is not difficult to care for or maintain

They are free from chemicals

Sodateru Towel Feel 23.6 x 47.2

It gets longer, softer and thicker with continued washing

The towel is built to be durable

It is naturally lightweight


Mizu Towel

Mizu Towel

Mizu Towel is designed to be an anti-bacterial towel as it comes with natural cleaning silver fibers. Moreover, it has unique strips that changes colors to notify you of bacteria accumulation and when it is a good time to wash.

Isn’t that towel kind of magic? - This towel will go a long way to boost your hygiene! The fast absorbency of this towel is not in question; it can dry 3x faster than the average towel and absorb moisture 5x its weight. It is also made of high-quality Japanese cotton.

Mizu is born from artisanal Japanese techniques using self-cleaning silver fibers and luxurious cotton making it one of the most hygienic towels in the world.

The materials used to produce Mizu Towel is carefully chosen and designed to be durable, while also extremely soft and comfortable to use. It is produced with anti-bacterial and anti-odor features to enable you to have a good time and worry less about illness-causing bacteria. 

Mizu towels also seamlessly eliminate moisture from your skin, so you do not have to get the feeling of rubbing a wet towel over your body as you experience while using other low quality towels. 

The high absorbency rate, quick-dry feature, extreme comfort, and anti-bacterial and impurities detection properties makes Mizu the best set of Japanese towels you can find online.


  • World's first smart towel that detects impurities
  • It has bacteria-fighting properties
  • Hyper absorbent & quick-drying
  • Very soft on skin 


  • It is a bit more expensive than other regular towels

Nitori Zero Twist Bath Towel

Nitori Zero Twist Bath Towel

Zero Twist bath towels are known to be high quality towels and the Nitori Zero Twist Bath Towel is not left out. It is one of the fluffiest towels you can buy.

The manufacturers crafted this towel for strength; as a result, it boasts of heavily-twisted yarns, which make sure they do not tear easily. Inferior towels have to be spun numerous times before the material could be durable, but the Nitori Towel is made from Japanese cotton, which is naturally strong. The spinning does not have to be done more than once to achieve durability. Nitori Zero Twist Towels are naturally soft.

Cleaning your body does not have to be an uphill task anymore, because of its soft nature, the towel glides warmly and seamlessly around your body to give you a good feel. Also, cleaning the towel is not much of a problem; they could be machine washed and tumble dried, thus makes the maintenance fast and easy.

Luxury bath towels are known to have high absorbency rate. The Nitori bath towel is a quick-dry towel and does not keep moisture for too long, minimizing odor. The next time you go looking for luxury towels online, the Nitori Zero Twist Bath Towel is one of our recommendations.


  • It is a quick-dry towel
  • Very soft and fluffy
  • The durability of this towel is assured
  • Heavy to carry and too thick for travels

HACOON Imabari Towel

HACOON Imabari Towel

This towel is manufactured in Imabari, Shikoku, a town well known for crafting high-quality towels in Japan and beyond.

Adding to the security and safety measures taken while producing this towel, the HACOON Towel gives you the ultimate feeling. Being the largest towel producing area in Japan, Imabari strictly inspects the towels to ensure that they are authentic before the towels get certified. The HACOON Imabari Towel is manufactured using tradecrafts creates a long time ago in the town. They are made from 100% cotton to give you satisfactory results. 

The towels are well known for quick absorption of water, and they are soft to touch. This brand of luxury bath towels does not stick to your body while in use – whether used to clean off sweat after a gym session or to eliminate moisture after your shower. They have microfiber properties that ensure that the towel does not have any difficulty in drying. They dry as fast as they absorb moisture. Versatility is also another quality this towel boasts of; they could be used as hand towels, bath towels, face towels, and baby towels. Besides, the towels are created with the least amount of chemicals which make them eco-friendly. The manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, with a reduced amount of greenhouse gases emitted.

This is also to ensure that the towel does not lose the tenderness of the raw cotton. Also, its size is generous to enable it to wrap around your body with ease. If you are searching for the best Imabari Towel online, HACOON Imabari Towels are your best bet.


  • It is very tender to touch
  • Built to be an eco-friendly towel
  • The manufacturers had versatility in mind while producing this towel
  • It has a quick-dry feature
  • Microfiber towels tend to be fragile sometimes and not as long-lasting

Hotman One-Second Towel

Hotman One-Second Towel

The towel is also referred to as Ichibyo Towel, which means a one-second towel. Made from 100% Japanese cotton, the Hotman One-Second Towel got its name because of the high absorbency.

The towel is highly absorbent to the extent that when 1cm² of its piece is immersed in water, it will sink in just one second. The Hotman towel is crafted with a select mix of cotton spun into yarns and woven into highly durable and luxuriously soft towels. This helps your towel to last long, even when it is used rigorously.

The one-second towel is produced with densely woven thin yarns making use of advanced in-house technology unique to the company. The water from the rivers situated in the Chichibu mountains is used to dye the towels. Hotman towels do not possess any form of fabric softeners, chlorine content chemicals, and fluorescent brightening substances. Because of their chemical-free nature, they are recommended for babies and people with sensitive skin because they are entirely safe to use. This also ensures that the cotton is of high quality and absorbs moisture fast. All you need to do after your shower is to massage your skin gently with the towel. The high absorbency property will dry your skin faster, which means you don't have to go back and forth with the towel, and you get to save time.

Caring for these Japanese towels is not in the least bit challenging. Ensure the temperature with which you wash the towel is below 40°C, squeeze it lightly, turn it inside out, and spread it to dry. Avoid washing with other clothing as the towel tend to bleed color for the first three washes. So, are you still confused about the best Japanese towels to get online? You cannot go wrong with the Hotman One-Second Towel.


  • It has a high absorbency rate
  • The towel is not difficult to care for or maintain
  • They are free from chemicals
  • The bleeding color might stain other clothes if care is not taken

Sodateru Towel Feel

Sodateru Towel Feel

As its name suggests, Sodateru Towel is one that grows every time it undergoes washing and drying. Ordinary towels grow harder, thinner, and rougher with continued usage, but this towel does the exact opposite.

They make use of a special thread that enables it to become softer the more it is used. As the towel is being washed, air gaps are created in between the threads, which make them fluffier. The towel is crafted with cotton fiber mixed with a water-soluble thread; this makes it stand out. After the weaving, the towel is washed, and this enables the water-soluble thread to melt. It creates a thick and more breathable cotton thread. You will notice the growth in the towel by yourself. So, unlike regular towels, the Sodateru Towel remains softer over time and gets thicker when it is washed. There is increased absorbency due to the air gaps developed by the threads. The quick-dry feature is also not left out in this; the air pockets help the towels to dry quickly. Therefore, the more the Sodateru Towel is in use, the more it absorbs moisture, and the more rapidly it dries. This towel produces little or no fuzz, so the feature does not grow thin. This is because the towels have more amount of twists than regular towels.

These sets of Japanese bath towels are lightweight as a result of the air in-between the threads. This makes it easy to carry about. Sodateru towels are built to last long, so the durability is not in doubt. You do not have to be puzzled about the next set of luxury Japanese towels you need to pick online; the Sodateru has all it takes to give you an enjoyable experience.


  • It gets longer, softer and thicker with continued washing 
  • The towel is built to be durable
  • It is naturally lightweight
  • The towel could get entangled with long hairs sometimes

Features To Look Out For While Purchasing A Japanese Towel

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Absorbency Rate

You can check this by taking a look at the label; this will enlighten you on the type of material the towel is crafted from. The nature of the materials spun while producing the towel determines whether the towel will be highly absorbent or not. You should never overlook this feature whenever you are seeking to purchase Japanese bath towels. Therefore, every towel you wish to check out for and buy online should be highly absorbent. 

Quick-Dry Feature

The towels you look for online should have this quality. It helps to prevent odor and bacteria breeding. A good towel should be able to lose water as fast as it absorbs it. When you are seeking to get quick-dry towels, made in Japan towels are your best bet, you will surely not be disappointed.


We all know that some towel producers apply fabric softeners to their towels to make them feel to touch. These chemicals applied tend to reduce the level of softness of the towels over time. This makes discovering how soft your towel is to be quite complicated. The soft feature and absorbency rate of most towels get reduced with time as a result of constant washing. Japanese towels, however, do the exact opposite; they can grow soft with increased wash.


We all want to purchase towels that are long-lasting, right?

Nobody wants to have a low-quality towel because you will start getting irritated with time. A high-quality towel should be able to last long, even with rigorous usage. This feature is as important as all those listed above. Going for Japanese towels will give you a rest of mind as durability is assured.

We have come to the end of the required features to look out for, now let's take a look at the towels with those features

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Final Note

You’ve finished with the article. Congratulations reader, you are now able to pick the best luxury Japanese towel that suits you!

Our number one pick, Mizu Towel made the list because of its bacteria-fighting and impurities detection features. These qualities are as crucial as softness, high absorbency rate, and quick-dry.



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