10 Best Baby Gear for the Perfect Beach Day

10 Best Baby Gear for the Perfect Beach Day

Couples just love the beach! Joyful water sports, a hearty picnic, and a dreamy sunset makes a great bonding session with your loved one, right? However, after a toddler or two enter the scene, planning a day out at the beach gets a little trickier than any couple ever thought. While struggling with diapers, nap times, and food breaks, you’ll need to take along toys, baby towels, extra clothes, and whatnot.

If you’re a new parent who loves the beach, don’t get scared just yet. The ultimate mantra for a perfect beach day with your family is packing up the best baby gear you can find. From luxury beach towels to sand strollers and portable bassinets, the list for baby beach gear available these days goes on and on.

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Baby Beach Gears - The Buying Guide

Now that you’ve been through our list of best baby gear 2019, there must be lots of other items on your mind. No two babies are the same and there are some needs that only a parent can figure out. If you’re intending to buy your customized beach gear but don’t know what to consider, here’s a detailed buying guide to help you out.  

  • Look for High-Quality Materials

Whatever you do, when beach-shopping for your baby, don’t compromise on quality. You’ll find a plethora of cheap products on the market. You’ll probably think it’s a good deal considering your baby only has to wear or use it for a day. Don’t fall for it. Flimsy materials will not only get ruined after the first use but irritate your baby’s skin as well.

From beach towels, blankets, tents, shoes, or bassinets, whatever your purchase, check out the material first. Choose only the top-notch high-quality materials and designs. You’ll find them a bit pricey, but they’re long-lasting, durable, and, most importantly, safe for your baby.

  • Keep Protection in Mind

While shopping for beach gear, don’t put everything cute into your cart. That goes for gear such as swimsuits, diapers, sunglasses, shoes, etc. Look closely at their protective qualities and how whether your child will be comfortable wearing the products.

For example, if you buy a pair of funky shaped shades, make sure they have reliable sun protection. The last thing you want to do is care for your sick child throughout the week after your trip.

  • Concentrate on Having Fun

Think about protection and comfort, but don’t dwell on it. Look for gear that allows your child to have fun. There are many options available such as portable play lounges, tents, bath chairs, and sand play toys that you can take along with you. Fill your beach day with laughter and joy.

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  • Follow the Trends

Who doesn’t want their child to look like those adorable poster babies? Pamper your child with all the latest fashion trends and accessories. When buying items like floaters and swim clothes, look for cute, trendy designs. Remember, these adorable photos will probably be the only memories your child will be able to recall when he grows up. Make sure he looks his best and has the trendiest gear.

  • Identify Your Child’s Needs

Before taking off with your child to the beach, make sure to identify all his needs and wants according to his daily routine. A day at the beach will be nothing like a day at home. Most babies don’t like breaking their norms. Purchase gear that makes your baby feel at home while having fun playing at the beach. This includes catering to his feeding and sleeping habits.

Must-Have Gear for Your Baby When Going to the Beach

From children towels to beach hats and everything in between, here’s a list of the 10 best baby gear for you to choose from.

1: Toddler Beach Hat - i play Flap Sun Protection Hat

Wait! You can’t possibly let your toddler waddle out on the beach without sporting a trendy, adorable hat. The perfect little beach hat not only makes for adorable, beachy photos but provides your baby’s eyes and skin the protection it needs.

Toddler Beach Hat

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable option that has the aesthetics your baby needs, i play Flap sun protection hat is a great choice. With its quick-drying material and secure, sturdy tie straps, it can cater to your baby’s beach excitement. It also has an easy pull-on closure so you can put it on fast as your baby runs around the sand.

Apart from head coverage combined with a sun-protective flap, the hat provides great neck protection as well. This helps when you’re building sandcastles or playing active games in the sand, none of the sand will get stuck or irritate your baby during playtime. It has a comfortable wicking lining inside so that your baby doesn’t just pull it off like other hats.

Good news for you, you can adjust this one size fits all hat according to your baby’s crown as he grows up, so it’s a one-time investment. Also, be sure to look for a hat that’s easy to wash and carry to save time while preparing for the beach.

2: Baby Beach Towels - Mizu Anti-Bacterial Soft Towels

 Baby Beach Towels

Let’s face it, active babies can throw up, drool and spit food out. Moreover, their skin is extremely sensitive and don’t really like sand. In such cases, you’ll need soft, absorbent, and quick-dry towels to come to the rescue whenever your baby needs it. If you’re a new parent, you probably understand the difference a good towel can make.

Instead of just having any baby towel, you’ll need one with great absorbing properties to mop that mess up, and most importantly, one that you can wash easily. The problem with most luxury beach towels is that they start to disintegrate from the first wash and tend to lose all their effectiveness after a few uses.

Besides that, even after rigorous cleaning, most towels develop contaminants through food residue and moisture build-up, which is harmful to your baby. Imagine taking an infected towel right up to your baby’s mouth. If you want to avoid doing that, especially at the beach, which is sputtered with impurities and infections, go for luxury beach towels from Mizu Towel.

These towels have amazing antibacterial properties to help you pamper your baby with clean, hygienic materials. They’re soft and highly absorbent and do not lose their absorbency after they’re washed. Moreover, each towel has an indicative strip that turns pink if the towel is contaminated and not for use. Great for worrisome parents out there right? 

3: Baby Sunscreen - Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

Even though every beach-going family owns a whole stash of sunscreen, our babies need some customized love in this area. When it comes to baby skin, going high on protection and low on harmful chemicals makes the ideal sunscreen, here’s where Thinkbaby comes in.

Baby Sunscreen

This sunscreen is top-rated by the EWG and has passed rigorous testing, including the Whole Foods Premium Care mandates. Therefore, it qualifies as a safe option for your baby.

Besides that, it is free of all harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, paraben, avobenzone, and phthalates. All these invasive chemicals can potentially damage your baby’s skin badly. Especially after sun exposure, so if you’re choosing another brand, make sure to check the ingredients before you make the purchase.

Moreover, Thinkbaby sunscreen has a mild, non-overpowering scent that does not disturb your baby in any way. Also, it doesn’t leave an oily feeling and absorbs quickly, so your baby won’t even know you’ve applied the product. Most importantly, it’s completely vegan and gluten-free, so you can take care of your baby while saving the environment.

4: Waterproof Swimming Diaper - ImseVimse Eco-Friendly Reusable Swim Diaper

Thinking baby? Think diapers. Diapers have been associated with infants and toddlers since their invention in 1942. We know what you’re thinking, why can’t you just take your normal pack of diapers along with you on the beach.

 Waterproof Swimming Diaper

Imagine your baby running around in the sand and the water in those flimsy feeble diapers, they’ll be torn apart in no time. Besides that, in such a situation, it’ll be a real mood breaker to see the mess created by your little one.

The solution? Invest in a high-quality reusable swim diaper. Not only do these help you do your part to the environment by avoiding plastic waste at beaches, but they’re also easy on your pocket. These ImseVimse washable diapers are made out of completely natural, soft materials that protect your baby’s skin against rash and irritation while he plays in the saltwater.

Furthermore, it comes in a whole range of sizes so you can get one for all your children. It fits well and stays watertight all day, ensuring maximum comfort for your baby. The best part, the diapers are adorned with cute, trendy designs to make sure your baby makes a beach statement for all the toddlers out there.

5: Baby Pillow - Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Feeding time is probably the part most parents dread about a beach trip with the baby. Your baby will be excited, wobbly, and you’re not likely to find a suitable space to position him for feeding on a crowded beach. To get your baby to relax and stay put during mealtime, you can go for nursing pillows and positioners to take along with you.

Baby Pillow

Boppy Original Nursing Pillows are great options to seat and position your babies at the beach. The pillows help lift your babies ina comfortable, ergonomic position. Also, with the pillow, you’ll be putting less stress on your arms and back, saving the energy for swimming and sports.

Even when the baby is not in the mood for food, you can prop him up to enjoy the view under your supervision, or seat him down comfortably when he’s tired. If things get rough during feeding time, you can change the Bobby pillow cover on the spot. Also, they’re easily washable and reusable.

6: Floating Tube - BigMouth Inc Watermelon Lil' Water Float

Babies sure do love to float. You must’ve witnessed lots of families cruising the waves with their laughing little ones. However, you never know when trouble might strike. That’s why you must take proper protective equipment along if you’re planning to take your baby into the open waters.

 Floating Tube

Floating tubes work to keep your babies supported and safe. You can supervise your child while having some fun in the water yourself. The BigMouth Inc Watermelon Boat is a durable and fashionable option for all beach-loving babies. Designed for babies up to three years of age, it can support almost 45 pounds of weight.

Besides that, it has a cute and trendy watermelon design with bright colors that entice your baby and keep him enthralled throughout the trip. Also, it has a safe, smooth leg opening and a supportive seat so that your child is snug and comfy. It inflates and deflates in no time, which is great if your baby is excited to jump into the water as soon as you reach the beach.

7: Protective Trendy Sunglasses - Babiators Aviator UV Protection Children's Sunglasses

If you’re active on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve most likely seen loads of pictures of beach babies sporting trendy eyewear. Naturally, your baby’s beach ensemble is incomplete without a pair of fashionable, sporty sunglasses.

 Protective Trendy Sunglasses

However, when looking for the ideal sunglasses for your baby, you need to take functionality and quality into consideration as well. Babiators Aviator Sunglasses provide great protective features in a trendy pair of shades to complete your baby’s beach attire.

These sunglasses have high-quality UV400 lenses that protect your child’s eyes against UVA and UVB rays. Besides that, the frame has a sturdy and flexible design. Meaning, even if your kid subjects the shades to rough use, they won’t bend or get damaged easily. Also, the ergonomic design fits perfectly on the child’s face to ensure a comfortable experience.

The best part of the versatile range of designs available. You can choose from hearts, keyholes, and aviator designs according to your child’s style. 

8: All-In-One Beach Bag - B. toys – B. Ready Beach Bag

Kids get bored easily, and there’s nothing like a cranky baby to ruin your beach mood for good. To keep your baby entertained, you’ll need to carry a variety of toys he can choose from all day and keep busy. Besides that, you’ll need specific toys for the beach to facilitate sand and water play. Even if you have the biggest beach bag around, you won’t be able to fit all of that.

All-In-One Beach Bag

The easiest way out of this ordeal is to get a ready-made bag complete with all the beach toys your baby will ever need. The B - toys Beach Bag has a complete assortment of beach toys to help you play with your child throughout the day. Sand molds, toy buckets, watering cans, sifters, rakes, and spades, there’s everything you need to build the most creative sandcastles with your child.

Furthermore, all of these toys are made with non-toxic BPA-free materials. This means that even if your child chews or sucks on them, he’ll be alright. Also, the bag is 100% strong, and breathable mesh material.

The light material lets the air in so the wet toys will be dry before you reach home. Also, it lets the sand out, so you don’t carry it home with you. Most importantly, the sturdy straps make it comfortable to carry around and support the weight.

9: 2-in-1 Baby Beach Shoes - i Play Infant And Toddler Swim Shoes

Those little feet need all the protection they can get. However, getting the ideal pair of shoes for your baby is difficult if your little one wants to play on both sand and water. Honestly, no one wants to carry an extra pair of flip flops for water play. Easy, get these i Play 2-in-1 beach shoes from our best baby gear list.

2-in-1 Baby Beach Shoes

These PVC-free, high-quality plastic shoes are fit for girls and boys alike. They keep your children’s feet safe in the water and on sand so you won’t have a hard time scrubbing those feet when you get home. Apart from that, the shoes have an aqua sock technology that protects their little feet from scrapes and cuts.

Besides that, the anti-slip soles prevent accidents and mishaps. When your child is out swimming, the light upper area made of mesh gives his feet the breathability and maneuverability they need.

Most importantly, the shoes are made out of az-free dyes and protect against UV rays as well. Also, the material will not lose its shine and shape even after long term sun and salt exposure.

10: Portable Baby Feeding Spoons - Munchkin Click Lock Food Pouch Spoon Tips

We’ve covered baby attire, toys, and baby accessories, but you’re probably wondering why we’ve left out the most important aspect for every parent, the food. Carrying milk bottles and even solid food is not possible if you’re taking a day out at the beach. Additionally, your baby will need more than one meal. This means more perp in advance and extra things to carry along.

Portable Baby Feeding Spoons

The easiest option to keep your baby well-fed and satisfied throughout is to carry fresh fruit purees and portable milk and yogurt bottles with you. You can purchase these products every time you plan your trip. With that, you should keep the Munchkin Click Food Pouch Spoons handy with you.

You can use these portable spoons with all kinds of food products. Just fix them on your bottles or packets and use them to feed your baby on the go. This saves you the hassle of carrying extra cutlery and accessories for feeding time. Moreover, these spoons are made out of durable and easy-to-clean polypropylene material. That’s easy to pack and clear up after the trip.


  • Is it Safe to Take My Baby to the Beach?

Yes! It’s completely safe to take your baby out to the beach. A day full of running and splashing will be a captivating experience for your little one. However, it’s you who has to be careful. Round up all the essentials before your trip so that your baby is safe and protected.

The sun, salt water, and sand can damage and irritate the baby’s skin. Make sure you’re all geared up for that. Apart from that, the beach is the best place you can take your baby to enjoy and learn at the same time.

  • How Old Should a Child Be to Visit the Beach?

While you can take even take your newborn child to the beach with you, this factor greatly depends on the health of your child and the quality of your beach. Some babies just don’t have the immunity to fight contaminants and infections found in open waters at a young age. If that’s the case for your little one, you should avoid taking him out until he can endure the beach environment.

Besides that, there are beaches that are also graded according to their bacterial properties and salinity. If the beach around you has safe, clear waters, you can surely take your child up there from an early age.

  • How Do I Keep My Baby Cool at the Beach?

The reason you find cranky babies at a beach is mostly that the little ones feel hot. Their skin is fragile and sensitive, and sun exposure can leave them flustered and irritated. The key to keeping your baby happy during a beach trip is to keep him cool. The easiest way to do that is to cover him up with children towels like Mizu Towel, a broad-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen lotion.

If that isn’t enough for your baby, you can try using an ice pack to cool him down or set up a small tent to keep direct sun rays away from him. 

  • What Does My Baby Need for a Vacation?

Long story short, your baby needs more stuff for a vacation than you do. In a nutshell, you should get proper swimming clothes, sun protection gear, sunscreen, snacks, and toys. Most importantly, take plenty of water and fluids for a perfect beach vacation with your baby.

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Phew! That’s a lot to remember and prepare for a two feet tall person, right? But as most parents would say, that’s the fun part about parenting and enjoying with family. Make sure you get decked up with the best baby gear for your next trip. This way, you and your baby can make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Happy beach day!

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